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  1. I'm not claiming this will work for everyone, but I have been 99% clear for 3 months doing it, this includes through uni stress, overseas trips with 12 hour plane rides, sunscreen use, bad diet, drinking etc etc. I actually have no spots at the moment. I'm late 20's, have oily skin prone to regular red spots, a few big cysts every couple weeks, whiteheads every so often, and generally my skin looks(ed) pretty crap without makeup. I would usually have about 5-10 pimples at any time plus little
  2. I've tried mixing a small amount of 10% sulfur in propylene glycol base (got it off ebay) in with my moisturiser. The actual cream feels quite oily but I stopped this after a week or so because it was SOO drying, as in bits of skin flaking off your face. I dont think it did too much in terms of prevention either. I also tried it as a spot treament neat and it was ok, but not as good as sudocrem.
  3. I don't know about the brand you have but Sudocrem (zinc oxide diaper cream) is amazing for healing popped pimples, even big ones. Been using it for over a year (only on popped spots, it's not good for prevention or non popped) and my boyfriend finds it great for preventing ingrown hairs after shaving too...
  4. Im allergic to BP & have used them together, salicylic acid as wash with exfoliator and tea tree oil (5% mix with water and glycerin) twice a day. Ive found my skin needs both an exfoliator and an antibacterial agent... Worked well for a few weeks but you might want to check for sensitivity to TTO tho as Ive found its giving me a slight rash these past couple days grrrrr.
  5. I've worn it for a year and it never has, though you do need to make sure you remove it all at night. I don't wear a primer under it either anymore as the primer was breaking me out.
    Um. None Expensive Smells bad Doesnt WORK Makes skin worse Feels gross and oily I bought this as a spot treatment for a few pimples I had come up. I applied it, it felt very oily coming out of the tube, like desolvit! applied as directed. Its supposed to show results in 8 hours. Well 24 hours later the pimples where I applied were bigger and redder than before. And where i went a bit more spread out on my chin there was a new whitehead.
  6. Skin is still doing the same, not really better, have had a few new spots (3 small, one larger off to the side of my eyebrow where skin product tends to build up). Not sure why, maybe hormonal? Tried neutrogena fight and fade (glycolic and salicylic acid) only on these spots. This product sucks! Its really oily and made the spots redder and bigger overnight, and added white heads to the one on my chin. Stopped using and went back to just wash, crystacide and moisturise and they are healing. No n
  7. So far so good, no new pimples for 2 days. Skin is not dry or flaky, actually looks pretty good (touch wood) apart from some red marks but these dont tend to stick around for ages on me.
  8. I wouldn't assume you are necessarily allergic to SA - its very different from BP. I'm allergic to BP and tend to have sensitive skin in general, but can use Clean and Clear salicylic acid cleanser, moisturiser and C+C Advantage 2% salicylic acid spot treatment with no problem, even applying multiple times a day. HOWEVER I was allergic to the Neutrogena Acne Wash Oil-Free Cream Cleanser (not sure if it was the salicylic acid or something else in it though) You could try a little bit on only a
  9. Sorry I can't help too much, though whenever I go on holiday, even if its just Auckland to Wellington, my skin breaks out. I think it is just changes in temp, humidity etc as well other possible changes in your daily routine. Sorry to go off topic, but you mentioned youre on differin, I was wondering if its subsidised in NZ?
  10. Hello, Im a 27 year old female with moderate acne, and a few cysts. I tried starting the regimen about a month back, despite having a bad reaction (rash) about a year ago to Panoxyl 5% spot treatment. I started out with a small amount of Benzac 2.5%. It was fine for exactly one and a half days until I woke up in the right with a crazy itchy face and little bumps all over it (no new acne though!). This took a week to go away using antihistamine for relief. So once this went away I dug out some Cr
    It smelled ok? Left my whole face in a rash I used this twice, my skin can be pretty sensitive at times but is usually fine with salicylic acid. But woke up with a red bumpy itchy rash which took a week to go away with hydrocortisone. Returned it and got my money back