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  1. I get exactly this, but I gave up with exfoliating and everything ages ago as it had no effect. I also get extremely oily skin and yes, having shiny skin on top of this makes it ten times worse. Guess I will try drying and washing my face more gently.
  2. Hey maybe you could do with biotin supplements. Apparently that reduces the effects that the B5 has on hair. Good luck!
  3. Sorry, I notice that you seem to get quite a few posts similar to this, but I would appreciate any help you have to offer. The problem is the oil produced by my skin (crazy as its only on my face - I suffer from severely dry skin on my hands and feet and also used to get this on my face when I was young), I'm not so bothered about the acne as it's a lot better than it used to be. I tried every acne treatment I could think of before moving onto megadosing pantothenic acid to try and stop so much