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  1. 1. Talking to a person at school and seeing them touch particular areas of their face and thinking that your face just gave you a present in the same spot on your face. (My friends are like mirrors, if they rub their chin while talking to me, I know I have something going in there) ARGH!! 2. Telling everyone you go to bed at 9 nowadays because you want to get adequate sleep, when actually you want to have complete peace to do the regimen and let it absorb before bed WITHOUT your friends showing
  2. Yeah happens to me a lot, I'm pretty sure it's caused by temprary temperature changes. Because the water is never exactly the same temperature than your skin is so the skin reacts to it can can appear more red. Atleast I think that's why it happens
  3. I'm sure he was merely pointing out the irony in acne on face, since it's the most visible area of you whole body, not looking for a biological explanation.. Anyone smart enough to sign up on these forums already knows what makes skin on face different from that of other parts of the body.
  4. Definitely nothing to worry about bro, and even that little that there is will fade over time
  5. I've never tried Bison but it sounds good You could just buy the bigger cut and eat off of the same cut on many occasions, you don't have to eat it all at once
  6. Well since you've been on the regimen for so long, my only guess is that it's becase of stress. It always feels like just before something important you break out, well it could be just because you're expecting something big that is giving you some breakouts. I would just ice them and maybe do an aspirin mask? Hopefully they will go down on one way or the other =) In any case, do enjoy the night!!
  7. Wow that post really cheered me up I like to think of myself as a handsome person but then again it could be just me :DD thanks Gabs!
  8. yeah tell me about it, all I can hope is that there won't be any more of those popping up
  9. EddieE, it wasn't the first day of school, but a regular monday. I just broke out during the weekend and my face look noticebly worse than it did on friday so I was insecure about showing my face on public. I know they won't care but it's still hard to be around people when you are insecure about your own appearance :S but thanks for the post man! =)
  10. I struggle with these issues ALL the time! Honestly mate, go for it. She is more likely to think less of you if you don't go than you do go and have some red marks. If you don't go you give her the impression that something is wrong..she might think you don't even like her and are trying to blow her off So yes your safest bet imo would be to go =)
  11. For some reason my sarcasm detector device is going crazy over this one? I confess I'm a bit shallow
  12. It sounds like you had a reaction to something. It's a bid mad that you had been ok and all this red marks come out after washing. That is defo a reaction. You should be probably get it looked at. Oh it's nothing like that, I was just surprised to see them after the wash because I had avoided mirros all weekend except for morning and evening routine. So basicially I was hoping to get three spots with less redness and size than I had on friday, but instead when confronted my face first time
  13. I'm sure a lot of you here have done this, but let me tell you what happened today: It's monday and I wake up for school. I spent the whole weekend home eating well, drinking well and getting a good night sleep plus using all these topicals on my face so that I could maximize the healing of my three new born pimples on chin. You know what I get after the morning routine VERY gentle cleansing? All these pimples are replaced by red marks, enourmous ones. They are even wide spread then the actual a
  14. I've been there man, but you know you're still young and got a whole life ahead of you Wouldn't you rather live with flawed skin than not live at all? OT: Imo your signature should say "Dicks are everywhere, Toy Story bro" =)=)
  15. I laughed. I concur, I've been doing the exact same thing for the last few months and it seems to have no effect on my skin. If I had the guts I'd stop going through all that trouble just to see what happened if I didn't do all that. Who knows maybe my acne wouldn't get any worse? And props on being laid-back even with acne, I'm struggling sometimes :DD
  16. What I've understood is that it only spreads the infection beneath the skin if you apply excessive pressure on it..use a sterile needle to gently poke the head so the puss has a way to escape once you again gently apply pressure. If youre lucky all the white stuff drains from the hole leaving a almost flat red mark that will scab and heal for some faster than others I use this if I have unbearable pain caused by a cyst.. sometimes I regret it but you know we've gotta do what we've got to do
  17. Thanks a lot for the help! I had a big night yesterday and the day before I did an aspirin mask as a sport treatment and then iced them before going to bed and woke up with hardly any redness!!
  18. Hey guys! About a week ago I got a big break out around my mouth, It's most likely from the heat that is tormenting all of us right now I had the patience to wait and let them go down on their own, except few ones I popped. Right now I'm left with these small red blotchy things all round my mouth and chin area. They are painless but are like bright red.. you know up close it looks better than from faraway where you can just see a mass of red dots! :s So my question is what to do to reduce the
  19. I like the idea of this topic! :DD I miss waking up in the morning and being able to get dressed and go to school without worrying about my regimen and medication! Oh one day I will be able to do that again.. :/ And also being able to wear helmets and masks for sports without having to worry about new breakouts
  20. We went to visit Sweden with my family and ran into a clothing store that sold jeans by brand Acne. My dad just HAD to.. well you know how that goes :DD
  21. That's exactly what I do! The worst thing about being tagged in to a undesirable photo is that the newest goes in the very first slot in the album so that when someone clicks your profile picture it takes them straight to the next picture which in this case would be the horrid shot :S Untagging is cool tho usually, but youre right about removing, especially if theres more people in the picture
  22. Hey guys! Browsing through these forums I've noticed a lot of posts regarding ignorant comments by family members and/or friends.. This annoys me aswell but I thought I'd give you another point of view on that 1)People who don't take care of their skin and are still porcelain. It always made me think how in the heck could every single one of my friends have a literally perfect skin without using any regimen or whatnot. But the fact is that you would most likely not act yourself either before y
  23. Hey guys! Thanks in advance to anyone who took their time to read this I've started using Skinoren which is 20% Azelaic Acid topical cream. I use it only on the areas I have active pimples or red marks, usually after cleansing and before moisturizing. The problem is: When I wash my face the next morning, some parts of the cream are not going off.. I mean I try to be as sensitive as possible when washing my face but sometimes even using harsher motions some of the stuff still sticks to especi
  24. You know what, I think you didnt find the pimples unattractive exactly because she didnt.. This is just the thing we should all learn to do; being comfortable with ourselves, even our flaws. Ive noticed that basicially if I dont think of my acne or let it interfer with my behaviour, no one else is going to treat me different either :D Im trying to stay positive at all times and im happy to hear you are too :) Besides, if acne is going to bother us for a certain period of time.. why not enj
  25. You should definitely go see him! I've had similiar situations where people have not seen me in a year or so and my skin got worse during that time but everything went well anyway The rule of thumb is: if you dont see it, they wont. Besides, meeting him with slightly worse skin beats not meeting him at all right?