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  1. To all the acne sufferers - it'll go by. Patience and care is virtue (my scars seem to be fading bit by bit):
  2. It probably means you are doing it right . Try dividing the treated area into sections and roll systematically in several directions (not only up and down). If you have some deeper scars that you feel it would be a good idea to puncture more deeply, consider getting a device called "dermastamp" which is narrower and contains only needles which stick out - you only puncture your skin with that. You can also check out a lot of dermarolling vids on youtube.
  3. I haven't noticed yellowing effect of acidic foods. I started eating 2-3 apples a day and got a lot of compliments on my teeth a couple of months later. It was about 6 months from my previous 2-week whitening session with carbamide peroxide so they lost their freshness. And now - they are still white (though I had another whitening cycle) even though I smoke a pack per day. Gonna limit, not quit - my aim is 5-10cigs/day.
  4. chico23


    Hello everyone.
  5. I use eviala one. Until now, I've thought that brand didn't actually matter (I dispose mine after every session). If you have such problem with yours, try exchanging it (it may be the particular unit that is defective - not the brand as such). Good luck.
  6. It depends how much pain you can get . I did my first dermaroll with a 1.00mm one and the pain was comparable to 1.5 + 2.00 that I do now (2.00 is the dermastamp for larger scars). I personally don't use any numbing cream to feel more in control (so as not to rip my skin off when it's numbed). BTW, what is the downtime after a 0.5mm roller? When does your redness go away? I'm gonna use a smaller one - 0.2mm in between my regular rolling sessions.
  7. TheDreaming is right. There IS slight improvement in the scars. Just look closely at your photos. Besides, yes, you should wait for the collagen to kick in and fill in the scars. Within that time they might change shape - it's a living tissue:). As for TCA, I've read that there are cons to that - it causes breakout of pimples in some people. I've even read a review saying that the person had acne-free skin before her TCA and broke out badly afterwards . Cartwheeling_Monkey - you seem to be k
  8. Hi again guys. I'm curious if skin type changes with time. I mean, as a kid I had greasy skin; then as a teenager I it was greasy and prone to acne (of different grades of intensity ofc) and now for about 3-4 years it has been greasy again with very little probability of getting a zit. So I'm just wondering if skin type changes with age. My dad's 52 and he's got sand-dry skin (but I can't see any shine in old photos anyway). My mum's 50 and she's got rather greasy skin (no pimples or pimpl
  9. 1. Products with carbamide peroxide are excellent - the minimum quantity should be 10% carbamide peroxide (2-3week treatment). Between treatments (spaced 3-4 months): 2. Eating apples works in the long run too - I have two apples a day; they are acidic so they dissolve superficial blemishes 3. having a chewing gum after every meal or snack - yeah, that really works. 4. Good electrical toothbrush My teeth are ok even though I smoke and drink coffee. They're not Hollywood white but most peop
  10. 1. When I was 16 and I mainly got pimples on my forehead and chin and they were rather small. I went to work as a lifeguard on the beach (summer job) and I had an opportunity to earn extra cash for working as a bartender in the evenings. After one months I was broken out with a lot of those small zits that had white/yellowish endings (I didn't squeeze them), a friend of mine said: "How come did you get so many pimples?" But then he added - maybe it's because you're not getting enough sleep?
  11. YOUR SKIN IS PERFECT!!!!! And I think you're too picky about yourself! You've got a cute face and if I were you I would do nothing with this "scars". Thing is, no matter how expensive scar treatments are, they always carry some risk as to the outcome. I wouldn't take that risk if I had your skin!
  12. Yes, they are my pictures but I've made a mistake posting them like that because I've adjusted the contrast to make my scars look more severe (what I wanted to achieve was actually to highlight where they are). Second, they were made over a year ago and within that time I've noticed slight improvement. Yet, the scars are still there and when they catch bad lighting, they look gross. Here are some more up-to-date pics of my entire face: http://img180.imageshack.us/i/dsc00293ue.jpg/ http://im
  13. My stamp is EXACTLY like the one from the link. I hate my cheeks. I've got protruding cheekbones hence unless I get a little overweight, my cheeks are not full, which added to scarring makes a nasty look .
  14. I already have a dermastamp;). And yes, it's easier to target individual scars. Now, which is better for taking off the top layers of the skin? Microdermabrasion or TCA peel? The first seems safer to me.
  15. I did this procedure for the third time (or second since first one was pussy-like rolling with a 1.00 roller and I did it veery gently). Here are the photos (left cheek since I can't get good light on the right): Before: http://img638.imageshack.us/i/dsc00382e.jpg/ I didn't take pics just after coz as usual I didn't feel like posing - my cheeks were deeply red and hurt as hell - I use no numbing cream to feel 100% in control. about 12 hours after: http://img689.imageshack.us/i/12hrscrea