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  1. Which fraxel? Mill House Clinics in B'ham does the Restore.
  2. Hi all Do you know of any doctor / clinic in the UK that offers Fraxel Re:pair? Thanks!
  3. Thanks. I have my treatment in 2 weeks. Is this long enough to preven any possible damage? Thinking I may need to postpone my appointment. Thanks!
  4. Hi all, I'm having my first Fraxel II session in 2 weeks and I'm currently using retin-a 0.025 nightly. Is it safe to continue on the retin-a right up to treatment or can this damage the skin? In you experience, how do you best prepare your skin for Fraxel II? Thanks!
  5. Hiya He did inject some raised scars on my chin but I did not have any rased scars near the rolling ones that appear worse. I don't think Dr Chu would have injected cortisone into the rolling scars as he is v knowledgeable and experienced but I don't know for sure if they were or weren't. Also he injected some raised scars on the right hand side of my chin and my cheeks and they have not changed. The only scars that appear worse are on the left side of my chin. Very strange! My skin tone i
  6. Thanks for your reassuring comments Sam - I feel better now! The rolling scars on the left side of my chin are still indented and brown. My theory is that the surrounding unscarred skin has responded to the dermaroller and the rolling scars on my chin have not - so they appear more noticeable. Been using differin on my chin to see if that helps but it's still the same. Think there's been some minor improvement tho - although that might be because I'm getting used to them now.
  7. Thanks Dee. They are still brown! I will buy a stronger SPF asap.
  8. Thanks for your support. The rolling scars seem to be filling in as they are looking less noticable (or that may just be cos i'm gettingused to them!).
  9. I have a mix of different scars. Different scars require different treatments and Dr Chu used treatments for the following areas in the same session: icepicks = TCA cross raised = cortisol rolling = dermaroller Anyone have any ideas re why the rolling scars on the left hand side of my chin are brownish and appear deeper? Thanks!
  10. Yes in one session. First dermaroller, then cross and injections. Can't remember if the cross or injections came first.
  11. Hi all 4 weeks ago I had Dr Chu perform dermaroller and TCA cross on indented scars and some cortisol shots on atropic scars (only very little ones on my chin). Right after I was v red and scabbed and that has pretty much gone now. However yesterday (4 weeks after the procedure) I noticed that 5 rolling scars on the left hand side of my chin have gone just slightly browny-grey and appear MUCH more indented. They were there before but were much less noticable. I do not know if this is due to
  12. I have shallow rolling scars and I just do a constant regimen of microdermabrasions and glycolic peels (with an esthetician) and it helps enough that I feel decent about my appearance. My skin will never be perfect, but doing deep microderms with peels beforehand yields some results for me. Ideally I would do them once a month indefinetely. I could shell out $5k for Fraxel treatments and really try to minimize the scarring towards becoming not noticeable at all but I am not sure if it's worth
  13. Hi Hopesprings Yes I agree with you - it's too risky as unproven success with non icepicks. I tried CP serum and it reduced scar appearance by about 15% and stopped to give my skin a rest. Have not tried green cream and may give it a whirl, thanks for your suggestions. Hi Pocket Aces, Yes it did. I think of all the treatments I've used so far, retin a is the best for reducing scar depth - it's just the redness which puts me off and because skin looks shiny like raw, 'new' skin it is d
  14. Thanks to you both - I did consider CROSS but as my scars are more boxscar / rolling than icepick I didn't think this was an option for me. Can you CROSS boxscar and rolling scars? If so what is the technique? Do you press the tooth pick right into the centre or in all the depressed area? Having my fillers tomorrow night and I hope to post positive results then.
  15. Hi I am having difficulty attaching - please see my gallery in the meantime. Please see this link: http://photos.yahoo.com/clhowitt