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  1. I'm curious..... Any long time Hibiclens users ever stopped using hibiclens? what happened? Did you break out again? were you using still using BP after you stopped using hibiclens? I just want to know because even though I am getting great results with hibiclens, sometimes it feels like i'm not washing off all of my sunblock. I don't want to over wash my face either and make it dry. Thanks!
  2. I've never tried it, but since you have, please do share if it does help. thanks.
  3. I'm thinking....probably not as effective since you are going to be diluting it, even if you sit in it for 15 min. In doing it, you might even risk splashing your eyes and getting it in you ears. Not only that but it doesn't smell very good.
  4. I suggest going all the way back to the beginning of this thread, that's where all the good info are. :)
  5. DAY 5 I guess I should have been more specific in my previous posts in case my info can be usefull for others. I adopted Dan's regimen when i started posting here (5 days ago). I'm using the following products untill I get Dan's kit in the mail this week. Hibiclens for my Cleanser Proactive Solution 2.5% BP Image Vital C moisturizer + 6 drops of Jojoba oil Derma E Skinbiotics Creme (Chest, Back, Shoulders) Neutrogena® Sensitive Skin 60+ SPF with titanium oxide and zinc oxide (only one th
  6. Hi meuccisnickers, I am really glad to hear that you are doing well on minera. You are so lucky! I wish it had worked for me. Don't get me wrong, it does serve it's main purpose for BC. Personally I wish I never had it put on. And I would never wish what I'm going through on anyone else, no even on my least favotire person. I'm just passing forward some personal experience in hope that it will help others.
  7. Are the chances of it going wrong high? I was hoping to start with a relatively low % like 35% or so... I'm a student so I don't have tons of cash, how much does your aesthetician charge you per go? I think so, but that is just my opinion. I would not do it to my own skin. plus when you get it done at your dermathologist's office or with an aesthetician at a spa...you know they are using the real stuff. And, yes, there are prepping done to your skin prior to doing a glycolic peel.
  8. Whoah! I don't know what those are but they sound really potent and scary. Well, if you try my regimen you will only loose $30 at the most. Plus sometimes, using mother natures prescriptions are better than the one the Dr.'s give out. Have you also thought about taking vitamin supplements for your skin? I do, and it does make a difference. Here's what I take 1. GNC Women's Hair, Nail, & Skin formula - all the vitamins that are good for your skin is in here. There's no hormones so it s
  9. Hello Kat! Do you use sunblock and if you do, which one do you use? Thanks!
  10. Not to scare you or anything but i hope you are not planning to do it to yourself. That could be dangerous for your skin. I have an aesthetician that I go to.
  11. I'm not saying I have an answer for you but what exactly did your derm say it is? Is it possibly dandruff related? I can't see the pictures but I have experienced something similar to your descriptions. Mine was caused by my birth control but the hard water we have at home irritated it. I get most of mine around my hairline, and my crown area. And yes they do hurt, specially when you accidentally run a comb through it, UGH! First, I tried washing my hair every other thinking maybe i was
  12. I saw it today at CVS, they reversed it back to zinc oxyde and they have sfp 15 & spf 30 for sensitive skin. Although I don't use this product myself. I'm currently using Dermalogica matte spf 20 sunblock. So far this is the best one i've tried as far as being acne friendly. I was previously using Image spf 30, it was supposed to be oil free but it did the opposite, it made my face really shinny and oily and it broke me out.
  13. DAY 2 So far things are going well with Hibiclens. Last night, I cleansed my face with hibiclens then did some extractions, then cleansed it again to prevent prossible bacterial flare up from the extractions. I woke up this morning and my face is looked good. skin looks calm. no new pimples. the existing pimples are already looking like they are shrinking. Here's hoping for clear skin!
  14. To PistolPete & PhoenixFire, It sounds like you are both in HS, right? I'm not, I'm 32 but i recently just started getting horrible acne. Anyway, i know about those marks you are talking about. I've cleared up several times and broke out again, but my problem is with my hormones. To fix your problem, you may want to ask your parent to take you to a Day Spa for facials. They are expensive, ranges between $55-$100 a visit, but they help. When you go, ask for a peel (glycolic, kojic, salati
  15. I hear you! I know how you feel. Hang in there. Have you looked on Hibiclens on this site yet?
  16. hi Freebird91, I'm not an expert but I can share my experience with BCP with you. You have to take in consideration that when you start taking BCP that you will be changing your body's natural hormones/chemistry. I started taking BCP at the age of 18 for protection against pregnancy. My first BCP was Desogen. Ther PROS were: it prevented pregnancy and it did kind of help maintain my skin from having an acne break out. I am also very consistent with my hygiene so i think that helped my skin
  17. Hello Everyone, I am posting for the benefit of other women. If you are a guy reading, then kindly pass it along your female acquaintances. Ladies! Don't ever use any type of IUD, whether it is copper or Minera that releases Levonorgestrel. It has brought nothing but bad new to my life and counteless other women. Need more proof? Go visit curezone.com and search for minera. My side effects from using the Minera IUD: ACNE - Face, neck, chest, back and shuulders and recently on my stomach
  18. Hi flower_power, I'm not sure about putting this on your entire face but I do know it works on my back acne and it has tea tree oil. I put it on my back, shoulder and chest area and it helps keep me from having nasty flare ups. There are natural oil ingredients in it so you do have to take ashower everyday, other wise it could cause break out. Also works great on bug bites. The product is by Derma E and it's called skinbiotics. they have a website.
  19. I really hope this works. I read the whole thread and I was sold. Went out to the drug store and got some then went straight to my bathroom and took a shower. I put it on my face, neck, back and shoulders. The first think i noticed is that my face doesn't itch anymore.....yay! I've had acne since i was in my teens, i'm now 32 but it had always been manegable with proactive solution until my stupid Dr. told me to use the Minera IUD for birth control. Girls.....don't ever touch that stuff, it is
  20. Hello Phoebeb, Good afternoon. I hope you are still checking this board since you are the only case I've read of that has had a successfull removal procedure. I'm currently using the Minera IUD and I have a scheduled appointment to have it removed next month. I can't wait!!! My questions to you is, have you started using another type of BC since you've had your copper IUD removed? If so, what BC are you using now? My story... I am now 32 yrs old. I started to have mild acne in high scho