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  1. I was just hoping that the added moisturiser would reduce some of the visual effects I seem to get from putting BP straight on. What about if I put a little bit of BP on in the morning? Like 1 pump or half a pump? Would this be pointless (as it requires 3 pumps) and not help my acne - or would it be better than putting nothing on at all in the mornings?
  2. I use Dan's BP at night - 2 pumps; however, I have generally avoided using it in the morning. I am usually in a bit of a rush to get out of the house, and I find even a little bit of Dan's BP leaves a notable sheen/white streaks for a while. I do, however, moisturise most mornings. What do people think about adding 1 pump of Dan's BP to my regular morning moisturiser and mixing it in before putting on my face to reduce the effect mentioned above by using just the BP? Will this help? Or could
  3. Almost every Vitamin A supplement I have seen advertised contains soybean oil. I have heard this causes breakouts. Is this true? Should you avoid Vitamin A supplements with soybean oil, or is the amount usually tiny?
  4. I want to take B-Complex, but I am a bit worried about Biotin. I have read a lot of stuff that claims that Biotin breaks you out. Is this true? Are there any B-Complexes without Biotin, or is it usually such a small amount that it won't contribute much and potentially break me out? One I looked at contains 100μg of Biotin, and another contains 0.50mg of Biotin.
  5. I used it for 2 months, and it broke me out horribly, and dried my skin up. Will vit. A in pill form do the same?
  6. Will vitamin A in natural pill form do the same? Or did I just have a bad reaction to the topical Retin-A?
  7. Currently, I'm on 4000 IU. It's working well, but I was wondering how much I could increase this by? Could an increase actually break you out, or will it help more?
  8. Should you take anything else with vitamin D? or does it work okay on its own?
  9. Hey, I've been on Zinc, B5, B3, and Lymecycline (in terms of prescribed medication). None of these really improved my acne drastically (mainly maintained it, with ocassional improvements). I've recently been reading up on vitamin D deficiency and acne. I haven't been for a test, but I am sure I must be vitamin D deficient. I live in the UK, and I barely get any sun at all (even in summer). I used to go on sun beds for a while (last year), and I noticed dramatic improvements in my acne, and w
  10. I have been on the regimen for over a year now. It just keeps my acne at the same level, but doesn't prevent new breakouts. B5 did work very well on about 10 a day when I started taking it last year, but I kind of felt that my body got used to it, so I am not sure if a higher dosage will work. Do you think Niacin will help? I've ordered some vitamin D, as I rarely get any sun. How much should you take per day to see a difference? Does it ever make acne worse? Anything else you would sugg
  11. There appears to be a lot of advice for women with hormonal acne, but I haven't seen as much for men. What sort of vitamins would you guys suggest for guys with hormonal acne (most of the acne being on the chin)?