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  1. Try Nizoral shampoo. It's $10 at Walgreens and worked for me amazingly well. I had what I thought was body acne on my stomach and after reading through this site I realized I had a mild case of folliculitis. I put the Nixoral on straight from the bottle and waited 10-15 minutes begore I rinsed it off in the shower. One application knocked them out! It's been years! I had been using Dan's AHA+ for a few weeks beforehand and I had used Neutrogena SA body wash for years too. Maybe the AHA
  2. Hey Hoot, I'm 45 and have been battling body acne since my teen years. It improved greatly on its own in my early 30's so hang in there! Since you mentioned that you used protein supplements, I thought you should look at your whey intake. I don't really believe there is a strong correlation between what I eat and body acne (that's what the liver is for), except I have noticed that when I use protein shakes with lots of whey in it, I break out horribly. If you Google "Whey" and "Acne" you'll
  3. hansinsf

    Works on new breakouts Can make old ones worse This product is not a miracle cure, but I'm happy to have and use it. I bought it 5 weeks ago and tested it on a new pimple (fresh that morning) and one that was 1 week old. The new one died the next day and cleared up completely within 3. Awesome! The old one is still red 5 weeks later (yes, 5 weeks...) and has never come to a head. That's rare for me and I expect the Zeno device killed the bacteria and prevented a quicker resolutio