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  1. I used it last night haha i'm scared now 0_0
  2. I use my Retin-A 0.01% just at night and that's literally my whole regimen - Retin A and warm water at night, then warm water in the morning. I wake up with oily skin and then about 2 hours after washing my face in the morning I have oily skin again but not so much as I used to. I think it's making a difference, slowly, but it's working....
  3. I wear makeup under my jawline to my neck. Sometimes I wear it on my neck too, or just concealor, or just wear a scarf
  4. I use Retin A Micro Gel 0.01% but I use it for active acne, not scars or red marks.
  5. I don't remember having it until I was around 15
  6. i've been on Lymecycline for months and although i've seen improvement this is more likely to be because of changes i've made to my regimen rather than being on Lymecycline.
  7. After you finish steaming do you use warm or cold water to wash your face with your cleanser?
  8. Yeah I know that this has been said before, but exfoliation seems to be the answer here. My routine goes something like... -Wash face with washcloth to exfoliate skin -Wait for it to dry and the redness to calm down -Apply foundation with my fingers (I find it easier because it's a liquid) -Wait for the foundation to dry -Apply concealor and blend in -Set face with a foundation or a setting powder Sometimes I do get flaky skin a little bit, so it's not a foolproof method, but nobody will notic
  9. You lecture the doctor about skincare Small children and your own friends alike ask you, "Why is your face so shiny?"
  10. i'm the same apart from the not going to school part. I have one of the best attendances in the year. I go to school every day but I don't go out anywhere else if necessary and I spend all day at school feeling paranoid and sad. Except the difference is that at the moment my face is the least of my worries I just feel dead inside, like it's an effort to do anything.
  11. I know what you mean....My skin is getting better all the time but it's the least of my problems In my family i'm the perfect one but I hate my life at the moment.
  12. I take off my makeup with baby wipes and then just use warm water and a flannel and I think this removes the makeup effectively.
  13. Yeah I have bad eyelash days... so annoying! I think I need a new mascara... I tried to quote your post but it wouldn't work At the moment I seem to be doing a different makeup look on my eyes every day...Because it was my birthday last week and my best friend gave me a little eyeshadow palette so i've been wearing a different colour from it every day. Although yesterday I was in such a rush that all I did was put on liquid foundation and powder, concealor, blusher, eyebrow pencil, mascara an
  14. I don't know whether mine are the same as yours but it goes away after a few days
  15. Yeah. From my forehead to my nose and cheek area to my chin.