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  1. PatronJames

    My accutane Journal 10mg/day +helpful hints

    jennyband: I do wake up from some of these nightmares, but i do not wake up sweaty n gross, maybe because i always sleep with the a.c on lol. I will try to start taking it during the day, but it makes me feel a lil crappy . Thanks for the support though! DAY 55: So i was forced to take a week break, because i went on a trip and forgot to bring my pills with me, so then i hopped on them again, only 20mg a day and its been 11 days of pill popping and damn, Its like I got another IB again!!!!! Thi
  2. Ive been reading your accutane journal. Can you MG/pm where you buy your accutane?

    1. PatronJames

      My accutane Journal 10mg/day +helpful hints

      Hey guys, thanks for the feedback! the side effects im experiencing are mild and are acording to what everyone else is saying. I will hop off these online ones as soon as I sign up for health insurance because ive moved from state to state alot in the past year. And im the kind of person whos impatient and want things ASAP. so sorry if anybodies geting worried and thanks for all the info Demaguil, whats the brand of your pills and what website did you order them, im just curious. And are y
    2. PatronJames

      My accutane Journal 10mg/day +helpful hints

      hey thanks for the advice. i stopped using the proactiv. now i gotta find an alternative wash and moisturizer -__- yes i ordered them online, they seem fine until i get a prescription. anywhoo END of Week 3: my lips are getting chappier! my face looks horrible right now, because im not supposed to tan and its summer, ughh. so im pale and my spots are more noticable. i got a few new zits and this really blows. Such a bad time of year to take accutane. welpp STAYIN STRONG GUYS. hopefully 2 1/
    3. PatronJames

      My accutane Journal 10mg/day +helpful hints

      Hmmmm. do you mean with the 30 pills you got? i dont think thats enough, you'd probably have to go back on tane for acouple more months. Most creams havent done anything for my pimples, the only way to stop them is to prevent them in my experience. Try taking a lower dose so you dont suffer from the side effects as bad, the only side effects i really get now is chapped lips and nightmares lol. goodluck to you! END of Week 2: OH NOOOO. i think i might be experienceing IB and it is lame as
    4. PatronJames

      My accutane Journal 10mg/day +helpful hints

      Thanks for the encouragement!! I think after a month im gonna up my dose to 20mg/day just to seal the deal. Days 6-10: I have only gotten 1-2 new zits since then but i can also feel my face being alot smoother after i wash it. The zits dont act the same under accutane though. Ive noticed it doesnt really form a white pustule which you can pop, the zit usually stays under the skin longer remaining "unpoppable", so its best to leave it alone and let the tane do the work. slightly chapped lips,
    5. PatronJames

      My accutane Journal 10mg/day +helpful hints

      Days 4,5 n 6: So its basically been the same cycle, got a new pimple on my cheek, hmm what else. Oh what i have noticed is that i have been having more frequent nightmares. 2/6 of my acutane sleeps had nightmares with em. My face looks more pale skinned than usual, thus making the red marks look a little more noticable. Thats about it for now. Feel free to leave any questions, comments, concerns!
    6. PatronJames

      My accutane journal!!!

      Do you still get dry skin on your face? oh and goodluck with ur accutane journey
    7. PatronJames


      40mg sounds like alot to start with, im currently stariting with 10mg. damn all that dryness and rashes sound scary. try using more moisturizer lotion! oh and what does fish oil do for ur skin anyways?
    8. PatronJames

      My accutane Journal 10mg/day +helpful hints

      Day 3: Face is still only barely dry when i woke up, no IB yet. took my pill at 7pm and felt a slight headache and grew tired for a few hours. I feel fine right now. nite
    9. PatronJames

      My accutane Journal 10mg/day +helpful hints

      Day 2: When i woke up today, my face was slightly dry around the jawline, nothing much, got one new zit on my forehead. I popped my pill at 7pm again and for some reason, i think it makes you weaker when you go to the gym. I was trying to bench press and i couldnt push as much, but with time, that eventually subsided. NO serious breakouts yet. ^And thanks for the heads up, i'll just keep posting here til the mod moves it.
    10. Well since there is a lot of nice people on this forum i have decided to document my experience with accutane. I am a 21 year old male weighing at 140. I have had mild acne since 14, but i have been breaking out this year due to stress and trying to quit smoking (lol) and my acne has become moderate (several zits here n there, blackheads, bunch of post-inflammatory red marks). Proactiv has failed miserably and is way too expensive so im trying this. This is my first accutane cycle and im go