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  1. I think Persagel10 is making my face red. UGH. It doesn't hurt but still. It's red and I don't want to irritate it more by using makeup. Stridex is great though 2% alcohol free is love! <3 It might just be a weekend where all I wear is mascara and lipgloss, if that. Boyfriend says I'm beautiful no matter what! I also used makeup today for a interview and then removed it with Garnier's Oil Free wipes, and I was red after that. So I'm afraid to use face makeup. My skin has never been like thi
  2. How many of you use Jojoba oil and moisturizer together? How many drops do you use in your moisturizer? I've got oily skin and I just started putting 6 drops to CeraVe Moisturizing lotion? How many drops should I be using? Thank you everyone!