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  1. u know what buddy, u don't have it too bad yet. Personally speaking, I'd go on accutane (at a lower dose like 20mg). IF you're worried about the side effects, don't be. Had I not have hesitated I wouldn't have to go to highschool everyday, sometimes with massive cysts that just make me wanna curl up and hide myself. It's rough man I tell ya. I'ma sophomore so I totally get where you're coming from. Stay strong bro, there are solutions. Oh... and if anyone says to shave your acne beard, t
  2. Hello everyone, Corey from Illinois comin at ya like a... a... 15 year old with cystic acne? Anyway, I'm on my 3rd month of accutane and while there has been a MAJOR improvement, I'm still pretty bummed. 1: red marks. Many, dark, and unforgiving. 2: the monster cyst. This one needs some explaining: it's a cyst right in front of my right ear. It's 1/2 an inch wide, 1 inch long, and about 3/8 of an inch raised (this is where you get out a ruler and freak out). The bugger's been on me now f
  3. jus helpin a brother out honestly I cruise these boards every once in a while and I noticed yours luckily cause extra vitamin A will really screw u up on accutane. The only reason I'm still on these boards is because I still have acne (day three of Claravis [accutane]), so jus watch yourself. Oh, and you're welcome Corey
  4. the anti-tane people are complaining cause it failed for them... in many ways I see their point but it's got to suck to be in that 2.5% that Accutane doesn't work for On day 3 of Accutane, wish me luck peeps !!!!
  5. hang in there dude... Accutane is one messed up mother, some people i know personally went on accutane and were clear within 2 weeks!!! Another friend of mine was on for 6 months with no improvement and obvious side effects until one day he walked into school and it was literally gone overnight. Talk to your doctor about treating side effects (vitamins like zinc and E can help alot for things like hair and aches) and things like jojoba oil with your moisturizer, and hydrate the hell out of yo
  6. Okay... I've been on Accutane (Clarivis) for 3 days now. I've stopped using bp and only wash my face and moisturize. It's actually incredible the progress I've made, but I doubt the drug has had anything to do with it, lets look in... - My face almost instantly became more pale when I got off of bp. - the large acne on my face became a lot more supple and came to a head ( it gets gross from here), at that point when I got out of the shower or even just randomly in the day, puss would ooze ou
  7. do you follow me on here? I'll try not to, and wish me luck! If anything side
  8. sooooo many people worry about one day effects. Eat a meal (vitamin a is fat soluble), and stop taking your multi-vitamin. Then give your doc a call, ask him (or her) what to do.
  9. do you follow me on here? I'll try not to, and wish me luck! If anything side affect other than dry skin and lips are relatively rare.
  10. I thought about doing that too... I'll talk to my derm. Just watch your vitamin A intake.... DO NOT TAKE VITAMIN A WHILE ON ACCUTANE, THIS WILL LEAD TO VITAMIN A POISONING!!! so watch it with the multi-vitamin and talk to your doc Corey
  11. Okay, so I just started accutane today (actually I'm taking Clarivis because Accutane is no longer sold) and I'm worried about a few things so I'd like some help.... - I loooooooooooooove my hair, so whether or not I do get side effects I'd like to know what I can do to keep it healthy. Currently I wash it every day with Head and Shoulders shampoo and conditioner. Then I blow dry it and comb it, nothing too intense. I'd like to know if I should do anything to pre-combat things like dryness.
  12. :lol::lol: Yeah yeah, post some pictures when your done with Accutane, good luck with it! ^_^ 26th July is my birthday! Thanks, and happy birthday on the 26th! I shall celebrate by going on a very powerful drug! :D haha
  13. Hello everyone, Corey from Illinois here with an update of... well, me. when I first posted a few days ago my face looked like crap... and today, I am quite happy to say..... no nevermind it still looks like crap. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut there is hope, sorta. My face has improved to a point. Since I stopped picking at my face completely I have had to deal with unsightly, large whiteheads. But the good news is my skin IS HEALING. An while little to no acne has actually gone away, the r
  14. hello, Corey from Illinois here been on Doxycycline for 3 months now... 1 month at 100 mg, and 7 weeks at 200mg (once in the morning once at night). to this day, I've only had ONE side effect reaction and that was cause I didn't eat before hand. but also my acne has gotten better and worse. It has not cleared, and has reddened, but for the most part my cystic acne has gone away as well as my larger normal pimples. I've been seeing a lot of people say that there's an "8 week hump" to antib