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  1. I'm 20 years old right now. I hope to God that my acne and hormones will regulate itself by the time I'm 30.. I don't plan to go off the birth control pill any time soon due to that breakout, but I really do hope I don't have to stay on it forever, haha. But also the BCP has other wonderful effects for me, such as period regulation. Before the pill, I was getting maybe 2 periods a month? Crazy.
  2. For me, just one full pack (1 month of pills) and now my skin is pretty much clear, but I've been on birth control pill for 3 years already, its just that 1 month of college finals, I took a break....really bad idea...but good thing it only took 1 month to get clear again.
  3. both of them worked for me, but after those Yasmin recalls I heard about I switched to a different brand. so the birth control pill I'm on now is a generic version of 1/50 Ortho Novum..
  4. Might not be what you want to hear, but I have two of these on my nose. They've been there for 2-3 years. Yes, horrible. It's a deep-rooted scar from the cyst. Some people's scars sink under, while some are raised...these raised ones have probably shot my self-esteem down worst then the ice pick scars...because its like a permanent thing. yea, I went to the derm to try to get rid of it but she said the scar is too deep (too deep rooted), there is nothing to do...sucks a lot..
  5. All I can say is don't give up, keep trying things to clear your skin, but don't blame yourself for little things (don't get obsessive, i.e. i had a greasy pizza, I touched my face, I was in the sun all day), because what's causing the acne has much more to do with greater issues you can't easily magically control... You cannot believe how bad my acne was when it was bad..I still have some horrid scars from those HUGE cysts....but now that I'm clear, I'm more of a stable person
  6. Oh and to address heres hoping, the pill had a lot to do with my clear skin, but again, I am on Minocycline antibiotics (and before that it was doxycycline), as well as Duac topical in the morning and Tazorac Cream at night. All of these things are important to keep my skin clear. If I stopped the antibiotic, but was only on the pill, I will break out. If I stopped the Duac, but continued with the other stuff, I would break out. So have you tried antibiotics as well?
  7. I mean its remarkable how clear my skin ALREADY is. Like I said, I've been back on it for about a month or so, and as each day passes, I wake up with clearer and clearer skin. It HAD to be the birth control pill that is making my skin so clear.....So yea I guess that means my hormones are just out of whack, and have always been.
  8. I've had severe acne since....high school and acne in general since 5th grade. When I couldn't take it anymore, in high school I went on a lot of things...1) oral antibiotics, 2) birth control pill 3) duac and tazorac topicals.....it made my skin absolutely clear, (except for the acne scars). I've been on 2 different brands of birth control pill, and 2 different antibiotics. right now, I'm on a high dose birth control pill and minocycline. I'm 20 now and I started the BCP when I was 17. I had N