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  1. and is there a difference? And how does it choose where to be? And how does it travel since it seems to spread, if it indeed spreads and not doing something else?
  2. Why do some people have acne, that might be pretty bad, only on the face and others on the face and body and not have it as bad on the face?
  3. Also - is it really appropriate to say that some people are acne prone, a pretty shitty concept if I do say so myself, or maybe its just that some problem in the body is making you acne prone...? I really hope the latter is true. Oh, and comments on hormonal imbalance, please.
  4. Hello, I guess the first thing Id like is for somebody that had like back acne for example and got rid of it to tell what they did. This site seems to be tended more to treating it from the outside which I have become very skeptical of. But to be honest Im nt even sure if I have cystic or regular or what. If I didnt look in the mirror I wouldnt know its there, but its all over my back, seems like its kind of under my skin, it gets horrible if I do push-up for example for a little while, it look