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  1. ForeverYoung

    DAY 69

    DAY 69 So, I just started my third month late last week. I can honestly say, I can see significant improvements in my skin! At first, I didn't notice, then I looked at pictures from when I started. Holy crap, what a difference! I have started to get compliments on my skin and it's becoming so smooth. Literally, I woke up one day and all my blackheads were gone and there were no actives on my face. I had one on my jaw line two days ago, but it was a little pimple. Not a cyst at all. I just can
  2. ForeverYoung

    1 month and 7 daysss

    Honestly, I am just starting my third month and just seeing significant results. But patient. My face exploded with acne, and then, it seemed like one day, my face was smoother. Now it's just getting better. Be patient, it works. I promise
  3. ForeverYoung

    DAY 55

    DAY 55 Wow, day fifty five. I haven't updated in so long, so much has changed! Since my dosage was raised I have been significantly drier (duh). I used to wake up each morning with my face an complete oil slick, now I'm pretty dry except for a little oil on my nose. Speaking of my nose, around my last post I extracted all my blackheads. Well, they all came back and now they are like completely at the surface. I'm not extracting them this time, I'm going to let them do it themselves. I still p
  4. ForeverYoung

    A Slow Start: My Bio

    Well, first of all let me say I *love* your style of writing. The adjectives you use are so awesome and really kept me reading.I totally feel your pain with avoiding people when you have acne. It's the reason I didn't want to start Accutane because I knew it would get worse, and I could not bear that. For this school year, I was kind of like screw it, people know I have acne, and I don't give a crap anymore. I am also a picker. I'm ending my second month of Accutane and one of the rules they st
  5. ForeverYoung

    DAY 30

    DAY 30 Goodness, I cannot believe I've gotten through month one! I am so thankful I am one month down.. I really haven't experienced horrible side effects though, the dryness and itchiness under my nose has subsided and doesn't bother me one bit anymore. I'm not really dry anywhere, I am so so happy my dermatologist bumped up my dose. I am now taking 30mg twice a day. Hopefully I'll start seeing some improvements! Things are basically still the same as before, my forehead is better but has be
  6. I started one week before you on August 31. It sucks doesn't it? How dry are your lips? I've been keeping mine loaded with Aquaphor so I've been pretty good. But without it they burn, it sucks. Also, what are you doing for scars (if anything)? Thanks!
  7. ForeverYoung

    My Accutane Adventure

    Hey, I also was pretty bummed I had to sacrifice waxing my eyebrows and I also can't do them justice. So, what I have been doing is eye brow threading. It's awesome, I mean, it takes alittle longer but it's especially for sensitive skin. And is faster then plucking. Totally safe for Accutane users. The only annoying thing is all your eye brow hair that get plucked get everywhere and itch your face. I also noticed that putting tons of Cetaphil creme. It is a much thicker formula then the lotion.
  8. ForeverYoung

    DAY 16

    Awe, this post made me feel so much better. Thank you so much for the reassurance, sometimes it's nice to hear. I'm going to keep up with your blog since we're around the same time. I have gotten medicine from the doc and I am feeling much better. It was nice to take two days off from school and sleep. Only advantage to being sick. Thank you once again. Stay in touch.
  9. ForeverYoung

    DAY 16

    DAY 16 Wow, I cannot believe it has been alittle over two weeks. They have gone by so quickly. So here's my update around my mouth is super dry, if I don't moisturize it gets disgusting. And if I don't put aquaphor on my lips I feel them burning and drying out. But I've been pretty consistent with both. A big problem area with dryness is under my nose! Boy it really gets itchy and hurts if I don't use excessive amounts of moisturizer. I am a huge idiot because I started popping everything tha
  10. ForeverYoung

    Do work son.

    CONGRATULATIONS! Once again your skin looks stunning. What are you doing to treat the scars? (even though it looks like you have NONE!)
  11. ForeverYoung

    My Accutane Adventure

    I have so many active pimples.. Like with white heads begging to be popped. I know it sounds gross, but seriously my face is gross. Especially since there is dry skin around it. So my question is what is your opinion on popping? Is that what caused your shallow scarring? And is there anything I can do to stop the white heads from being so huge? Thanks!
  12. ForeverYoung

    DAY 6 & 7

    DAY 6 & 7 It's one week! WOOHOO! I can't believe that time has gone by. So, I went out last night for the first time since being single and wasn't able to write on here in time. I actually ended up taking my medicine two hours later then I was suppose to, but hey, I was a tad bit distracted. And I'm writing this early so I can head to bed early tonight, I'm exhausted because I had to go to work today. So, updates. The pimple in my nose is smaller but under my nose still itches like cr
  13. ForeverYoung

    DAY 4 & 5

    DAY 4 & 5 Sorry I wasn't able to check in yesterday, my internet wasn't working and I was just way too tired to even attempt to fix it. My boss has me working so much before school starts, I wish he would lay off alittle. Anyway, my new symptoms are my face is soo itchy! I'm still super oily but under my nose was soo icky and random places would get a random painful itch. Also, my scalp gets random itchies too. Like really bad itches. Not common for me at all. I have a huge and very painf
  14. ForeverYoung


    I have used doxycyline. For about six months. Didn't help, if anything my acne is horribly worse. The only thing that cleared up my acne was Prescriptives Acne Serum but I broke out again so I just started on Accutane.