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  1. AmoreDiDanza

    Biotin in B-Complex

    I also have some concerns about biotin. I've heard that it helps skin, but I also heard it makes you break out. I don't really know what to believe anymore. Anyone have any answers?
  2. AmoreDiDanza

    My First Post

    Okay, so I've never posted in a blog before, so I'm probably doing it wrong, but oh well. My biggest acne problem is basically these little white bumps all over my face. They drive me nuts and I don't know what to do about them. If I treat my skin with anything, it dries up. Makeup alone will make it peel and crack. I just got my Jojoba Oil in the mail today, so I'm going to try using that to help with the dryness. I'm trying to pick at my skin less. I only did it twice today, and it was onl
  3. AmoreDiDanza

    My First Album

    I'm new to this sort of thing, so bear with me!
  4. AmoreDiDanza

    How would you treat this? (Pics included!)

    That is exactly how my skin looks. I'm trying to find something to help too.
  5. AmoreDiDanza

    I can't ever remember having clear skin.

    As far as makeup is concerned, you may want to try something else. I've used a lot of different makeups, and I finally found one that doesn't make me break out. It's a water based foundation from Mac. Neutrogena has makeup with medication in it that may work for you. I have dry skin, so its really hard for me to find makeup that doesn't dry my skin but that may work for you.
  6. AmoreDiDanza

    What are these on my chin?

    I have the same exact thing on my chin. I haven't found anything that helps me with it, but I also have worse problems elsewhere that I'm more concerned with, so I haven't really tried anything for it. If you find anything let me know.
  7. AmoreDiDanza

    Putting together my own system... suggestions?

    Thanks, I'll look into it! I think the hardest thing for me is going to be finding something to put on my skin to treat my problem. There are lots of cleansers, but its the medication to use after that has me worried.
  8. So here's the deal. I've tried a few different systems, but I can't really afford to keep experimenting with the expensive systems, so I'm going to see what products in the store may work for me. I'm looking for some suggestions. Here are some of my problems: I don't really get big zits or anything like that. I have a lot of blackheads on my chin and nose area. I also have a ton of little white bumps that span from next to my eyes all the way down to my chin. I pick endlessly, but I'm trying to
  9. AmoreDiDanza

    I can't stop picking at my face!

    Me too! I don't realize I shouldn't be doing it until I've already started. I try to make myself stop but I end up saying.. just one more bump.. this one looks like it could pop.. let me just get the big ones.. oh that one is kinda big.. and I keep going
  10. AmoreDiDanza

    How do I defeat genetic acne?

    I think genetics is part of my problem as well. I have 3 cousins that all had/have bad acne around the teenage years into their 20s. I'm 19 now, and I'm the youngest. I'm an only child, so really my cousins are the only ones I have to base it on. None of them have found anything that works, so I stopped talking to them about it. I'm basically on my own. I am wondering if there are any pills I can take that will help. Like, vitamins or something.
  11. AmoreDiDanza

    I can't stop picking at my face!

    It's a lot easier said then done. Every time I look in the mirror, I start picking. I do it without thinking. It doesn't hit me until after.. it's like, oh crap.. I didn't want to do that...
  12. AmoreDiDanza

    I can't stop picking at my face!

    It's just so hard. I know that if I stop picking, my acne would be a million times better. I think I'm irritating the little white bumps, turning them into big red ones, which makes them pimples in a few days. I don't know if I'm speeding up the process, making what would eventually come up as a pimple, come now, or if it's just causing it. All I know is it's really bad. I really want the white bumps to go away. Even the ones I don't pick are there. They won't go away. I have them by my chin, an
  13. I am always touching my face, trying to feel if there are new ones. If I feel a bump that is large and hard, I will try to pop it no matter what. It seems to only make things worse, and I don't know how to stop! The white bumps are mostly on the sides of my face, around my hair line. They start next to my eyes, go down next to my ear, down my cheek, and along my jaw. I have some on my forehead too. I wouldn't mind them if they weren't as viable. Maybe if I didn't notice them, I wouldn't pick at
  14. AmoreDiDanza

    Works Cheaper than most systems Quick to apply Easy system to follow It only worked for a few months. Canceling it is difficult You should retake the ID every few months Dried out my skin It worked for me for about the first three months. Because they base your products on your lifestyle, I read that you should retake the quiz before your next order is submitted. I had some problems with dry skin, and I realized that originally I had put that my skin wasn't sensitiv