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  1. Juicing takes out the fiber in a fruit or a veggie. The best thing to do is to eat it fresh. Do not over drink carrot juice because it bad for candida (in high amounts). Eat alot of diffrent types of veggies throughout the day.
  2. This look intresting....... but it seems to easy for me to be true.... you know what I mean? Who is this guy? I am confused too!!
  3. I don't know what to say because I am not a doctor. I just think if it is true it also has to depends by the type of fat. Not all fats are un healthy. I never had an low fat diet. When I tried an anti candida diet I tried one that allowed to eat all meats, and it was high fat diet (because I used alot of olive oil). It worked at the time. I have seen that I have a really low immune system (I don't have hiv), but I think it is caused by the candida.
  4. Wow yes you do really sound like me! So did you suffer from PF too? Did you suffered candida before or after being vegan? How long have you been doing this diet?? I am just afraid that over eating meat might cause other problems...!
  5. Try to set a time where you would like to sleep, and get up. For example if you want to go to bed a 10 PM, and get up at around 7. Durring the day do exersize. Eat dinner atleast 2 hours before going to bed. Try to relax before bed time. Find somthing that makes you relax (taking a bath, doing yoga, meditation, doing nothing, read a book, drink a cup of tea). For dinner try eating an valeriana, and romaine lettuce salad. Make shure to eat food that is highly digestable. Check out Bach Flowers (
  6. Hi ya Joris I have a brother that suffered really bad acne, and when he started to eat an organic mediterranean diet he got cleared(without doing anything else)! Not imediatly but with time. I totally can tell it was because of the food. I think acne is called by an imbalance, and food is what helps balance out the body. Acne is caused by somthing, everyone's somthing is diffrent. Thats true about humans will allways have problems digesting certain food. Some foods where not really ment to be
  7. You have to think what is a diffrence with the food in greece, and where you are at now.... For example Greece does not have millions of problems with hormones, preservatives, chemicals, and junk in "food" like America. Sometimes it is not the food that is the problem, but what was added in it. Food can cause acne depends by the person. We should treat our bodies like a garden, and eat natural food to care for it.
  8. Hey Paul, I know what you are going through! I suffered Candida for 3 years now. At first it was pretty bad... I was foggy minded, depressed, suffered migranes, and panic attacks (High stress and Candida caused this). I went 6 month straight where I could not walk, and crying all the time caused by the itching pain. I was given tons of meds all the times to go against this stuff, and the meds made things worst. I ended up looking at the "Candida diet" which is a low carb diet (I never heard of a
  9. Hey Wynne! Thanks for the reply! I have Nizoral 2% cream, and package does not have that much instructions unfortunatly.
  10. Hi ya everyone! I'm new to these boards, and I am glad to be here....(not really, I rather not have skin problems ) ! Well I am pretty much paranoid. I have been suffering from on and off PF for a year now. I tried millions of things to keep it down, but it goes aways and keeps on flaring up again. I am now trying Nizoral 2% cream for the first time, and I just have a few questions sience I do not have money to go back to the derm. I was wondering how many times a day I should put it on my face