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  1. Le Cols 20 i dont really think your opinion on girl friends has anything to do with people with acne. Also i used to have a gf who i really fancied and loved but after 18 months I wanted to see if I could find someone with more things in common, so ended it as nicely as i could. Btw im not either encouraging or discouraging relationships, thats just something everyone makes their own minds up about. If you have to ask why you would want a gf, you would not understand. I started bartending at
  2. I know the feeling, Ive sort of reprogrammed everything around my skin now. I had a really bad breakout one day and from then on i have hidden away alot. That was 2 months ago, about 6 weeks ago i started accutane and since i started taking it my skin has got alot better and ive started leaving the house and doing things (though im still avoiding friends/ex gf atm). Anywho I wont outright encourage anyone to take the drug because everyone reacts differently to the drug, but when i decided to ta
  3. I dont like all the argueing here but you did say you were gonna put photos up. You said you would put the before photos along with the after ones in two weeks time. Surely if they were in a place that you didnt want to show you would not have offered that in the first place. I believe different things work for different people. I dont believe this has worked for you but i reckon for some people who have an unhealthy diet, fasting could help get rid of acne which is active and growing. However
  4. Had acne when i was 13/14/15, it was mild though i had braces at the same time which was not a great combo. Took antibiotics when i was 14/15, skin cleared up by the time i was 16 and my skin was amazing when i was 17/18 but when i got to about 19 and a half it came back slowly and i thought it couldnt come back properly. However it did and it came back with cysts, making it average/severe. I tried a few things, antibiotics because it worked when i was younger, differin/benzoyl p/ Aknicare. Th
  5. rich123

    Week 4

    Have got quite a bit better recently, under normal lighting my skin looks alot better, but at some angles / lighting you can see some general redness (hyper pigmentation), peeling of skin and 2 or 3 dark brown spots. I have one or two scars which are only noticable when im right up to the mirror, this is a relief as i thought scarring could have been a big issue. So 4 weeks on the drug. I was very unhappy a month ago, before i started accutane, what you would call depressed. Now im not depres
  6. Ok so ive been on accutane for 3 weeks now. 2 weeks at 20mg and 1 week at 60 mg. My acne got alot worse a few weeks before i got accutane prescribed, i sort of had a massive breakout before accutane which was soul destroying as it had almost cleared up untill one morning i got a few pimples then that next week the number and size of the pimples increased drastically. I should be happy because my acne is improving but at the same time im quite worried because since i had that soul destroyin
  7. I have had a similar experience. I took 20 mg for the first 2 weeks, and my skin improved over that time, it was less irritated by the end of the 2 weeks. When i went back to my derm, he was planning on putting me on 80 mg but when he saw me he thought that i probably didnt need 1mg per kg so he put me on 60mg even though i weigh 80 kg. So im about a week into the 60 mg, and my acne is definately going which makes me happy but im still very anxcious about my appearance because my skin and lips
  8. Um Im beggining to believe what the 2 dermatologists ive met have said, in that diet does not matter at all. I was eating very heathily but i would fluctuate from one day getting better to another having a breakout, which would ruin all the previous weeks progress...... Anywho i think there is obviously some effect on your skin in eating healthily but if anything that may affect the way the acne looks but it is still there and is not solving the problem. My acne was slowly going away up till ab
  9. rich123

    -Cysts dramatically reduced -redness fading -skin feels smoother in areas where the skin is not flakey. - NHS (practically free) -flakey skin -dry lips Just before i started taking acctuane, i was on antibiotics and i had a massive breakout, really really bad. It sounded very similar to the sort of breakouts people get when they start accutane. I had about 2 or 3 cysts on my face at the start, after 2 weeks these had started to reduce in size and disappear. This wa
  10. Its so so true, i havent had anything that blatent. But it is hard especially when acne has slowly killed your confidence day by day. I used to be very active, going to the gym most days, seeing friends but now i stay indoors in my room, i have become pathetic, and the worst thing is i know it, i wish i could deny it but if im honest with myself i have become a complete loser by choice because if i now that im no longer good looking at least ive chosen to be the loser not the rest of the world d