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  1. Use accutane, You will wish you would have earlier. There is nothing better than it. I'm so glad i used it.
  2. I would recommend seeing a different dermatologist. You shouldn't be on that many medications at one time.
  3. Over my Years of going through Puberty, I have used: -Dial Soap -Clean & Clear BlackHead Scrub -Proactiv -Tretinoin Cream. All of these got rid of my acne but it always came back. Nothing seemed to stop acne from forming. I have a very oily skin and I have acne on my back as well. I have heard of accutane but i don't think i have serious enough acne to get perscribed for it. Is there any other Pills or creams i can take that can dry out my skin so its not that oily? Thanks, Frankie