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    Trying to cure Folliculitis Decalvans for the past 7 years.<br />I also enjoy cooking,drawing, and Videogames.
  1. Hi my name is Trung and I have been suffering from what is known as folliculitis decalvans it started about 7 years ago when I was 10. It first appear on the left side of my scalp just right above the ear. At the time it was only the size of a penny it did not leak nor was it painful but it did made me lose hair in that area. I was then given some anti-biotic from the doctor. After about a year it come back worse then ever it continues spreading through my scalp and soon on to my face. I have se
  2. So Accutane didn't work and the cause seems to be heat and stress.

    Whenever stress level rise the boils seem to grow and if continue to remain stressful it grows and spreads rapidly.

    Currently on Chinese Herbs and Ointments.

    Week 1of treatment

    1. Here wishing you luck on your Accutane Journey. I'm on it myself and had severl breakout as well Day 4 for me .