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  1. Thank you so much!! I just cant wait for that clear skin to be my first layer! haha Best of luck to you as well
  2. Ya I had stopped using differin for the most part...every once in awhile I cant help myself because my whole life I've been treating my acne, so just stopping all of a sudden is hard for me, especially now that Im dealing with the Initial breakout. Im doing my best though! thanks for the advice
  3. Im now on day 18 and so far so good...Im experiencing the initial breakout right now (theres pics in my gallery) which is a bummer and Im hoping it doesnt get any worse. I have a really dry chin and neck and Im losing a lot of skin all over. I also have really sore ribs, but it only affects me when I put pressure on them (like when I lay on a pillow or something). Besides that its going well!! Best of luck to you and your symptoms! are you taking viatmins? I take fish oil pills for my joints,
  4. Im on day 17 of my accutane cycle. I take 40 MG once a day and so far I think its been going pretty well. I have dryness on my chin (only my chin for some reason, nothing can help it) and I believe I'm going through the Initial breakout right now which is a bummer, but like I have heard many users say, well worth it! My only issue I have had with my body is extreemly sore ribs. I noticed it last week while at a waterpark, I was leaning on a tube in the lazy river and I felt fine, but when I sto
  5. paiger639

    16 days on 40 MG, once a day

    I guess this must be the initial breakout I have been hearing about :( This is the worst my skin has been in as long as i can remember.
  6. I was thinking the same thing as you, I thought if I start using the extra dry lotion and gel and taking all the vitamins that maybe I could avoid the side effects? I definitely went on a preaccutane shopping spree too! haha I was picking up the medication from the pharmacy and I asked one of the people working what they recommend and I just bought it all lol we'll see if it works or not Thats very good to hear about the IB because I honestly was picturing waking up with acne covering my face.
  7. I'm not an expert or anything of course, but I started using a vitamin E gel on my skin at night that I bought from the pharmacy and I only put it on 4 nights and already I started breaking out on my legs and chest. I know its from the gel because I've never broken on out my body like that before and this is my first time using the vitamin E gel. The one I bought even states that it doesnt clog pores, but clearly its too much for my body to handle haha
  8. I think 40 MG is pretty much normal to start out with, depending on your history with acne and your current condition of course. You're on low dose accutane though so were different hah. Fish oil is just good for your body/your joints, your skin and hair.
  9. haha ya I guess I have to! Thanks
  10. Thats really good advice! the lotion and vitamin E gel are a new thing I started for accutane because I also have very sensitive drryy skin normally and I dont want it to fall off with accutane haha. It would make sense that I would get a skin reaction to some of the ingrediants in the lotions...I guess I'll have to see if my skin can do without it, or maybe with less? I guess Ill have to stop the differin...Im just worried about the IB. Did you have one and if so when did it start and how bad a
  11. I am in a very similar situation to you! I just started accutane, Im taking 40mg once a day, I breakout on my jawline, mouth, and chin (for the most part), Im 23 and Im getting married soon which is a huge reason I took the plunge and finally decided to try accutane! Good Luck and I will most definitely be following your log so I know what to expect and what others in my situation are going through. I cant wait until we both have beautiful skin for our weddings!! ahhhh it seems so close but oh s
  12. Soo Im brand new to this site and accutane! Ive dealt with acne for years, off and on inconsistant mild to moslty moderate acne. Im very excited to finally be taking this medication and to finally see some long term results! I just started taking 40mg once a day on Tuesday so today I took my third pill and already I'm getting a little nervous. Im already getting dry rashes on my body in random spots. I'm getting new break outs on my chest and neck (I've never had any issues with breakouts on my
  13. definitely DONT tan on accutane! you are supposed to use a high spf of sunscreen every single day on your face and body and even wear hats. I know where youre coming from (i love to tan also!) but, its only a couple of months so just stick it out. A tan isnt worth a 2nd degree burn.
  14. I finally got my medication today! wooo! I think I'm a little bit too excited to be getting this medication thats going to dry my body up like a prune, but I cant help it I also bought Vitamin E gel to apply to my skin at night time, vitamin E pills that I will take daily, Lubriderm Lotion with vitamin E and B, 45 spf lotion, and 30 spf chapstick. Whew!!! I feel like I'm preparing for battle! I'm very excited to see some results
  15. Today was supposed to be my first day starting accutane and I've been looking forward to it for over a month now. I went in for my last (pre-accutane) visit with my derm., preg. test, and blood work on Friday. She told me my results for the tests would be in this weekend and she would activate my account and then she would call me and instruct me to take a test on Ipledge and once I passed I could go pick up my medication. Well, I have been waiting for her call all day and now its 5:50pm and sti