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  1. Hey! Sorry you're struggling at the moment. I just wanted to throw something out there for you. BE PATIENT with each treatment you try. Don't give up too quickly because you might pass up something that would be your HG of treatment!! If I would have given up on Retin A and Spiro after three months, I would probably still be dealing with break outs. You really do need to give each treatment it's due course before you write it off. As a general rule, I would say that AFTER three months, y
  2. Wow! Another 6 months have passed! I can't believe it! My skin looks incredible! It has been WELL over a year since I joined this site and my battle was an uphill one for sure (especially the first 6 months). PLEASE - do not give up! Persistence is SOOOO critical. Retin A takes T.I.M.E., and I am so glad that I persevered through the horrid break outs and dry skin while beginning the product. I absolutely DID NOT see miraculous results after three months of consistent use, but I now I get compli
  3. Hi, Soccer...sorry for the slow response...I'm not around too much, anymore. Advice? By this point, you should be into your 2nd month and seeing some results. My advice is persistence and patience and LOADS of H2O! I haven't posted in two months. It's amazing how central acne is to your life when your suffering with it, and how quickly you replace it with something else. Anyway, I digress... I am still CLEAR!! Thank you, Jesus!! It was this exact time last year that I began to experience pro
  4. Well it's been a little over another month and I remain clear. It is around this time last year that th problems began so I'm getting a little nervous. I am competely 100% clear with no PIH marks, but I will NEVER forget what happened last spring. I stopped using the DML only because it wasn't moisturizing enough - although I truly LOVE the product. It would work great for someone with normal to oily skin. My skin a relatively dry, particularly since I'm still using Retin A. I've also incorporat
  5. It's been another month, so I thought I would update. Well, actually, this morning I woke up to find a single, small pimple on my cheek, which is what triggered my mind into thinking about these boards. This is the first pimple that I've had in a.long.time. It's not at all menacing, it's just a simple pimple, and honestly, it's barely noticeable. Other than the new "friend" I found this morning, I have no clogged pores or pimples, and NO red marks. The Retin A has been a God-send for me. My per
  6. Some cases of perioral dermatitis can remit on their own, particualrly if the flare was triggered by a product. Thus eliminating that trigger will assist with healing. I do not know that Cetaphil caused the P.D., but it definitely made it worse. Also, I needed a lengthy course of Doxy to get rid of the P.D. I, too, used to add Jojoba oil to my nighttime moisturizer, but this is NOT good on perioral dermatitis, since it hinders the infected skin area's ability to "breathe". I will probably go bac
  7. Cetaphil seems to work well for the majority, but keep in mind that there are those, like me, who do not respond well to this cleanser. If you find that it burns your skin upon application, please discontinue use and find an alternative. My old derm pushed this cleanser on me, insisting that it was the HG of all cleansers, but every time I washed with it, my skin would burn, especially under my eyes and around my mouth. I suffered for about 2 months, until I developed perioral dermatitis, which
  8. I just wanted to post a little update. I am still 100% clear, and I no longer have any red marks to contend with. For the first time, in a long time, I do not need to wear any make-up (well, for the purpose of covering up pimples, anyway). A little over a month ago, I developed Perioral dermatitis, which is a rash located around the mouth, it was scaly, red and had a few small bumps (but it did not look like acne, it looked like an allergic reaction). Anyway, I was put on an antibiotic, and it h
  9. WoW - you look GREAT!! Thanks so much for sharing, I'm sure your willingness to share will benefit many people. Thanks, again!
  10. About 5 weeks ago, my derm gave me the same lotion to try and I'm in LOVE. I used to use Cetaphil, but it was too heavy. DML did NOT make me break out, and I love the way it leaves a matte finish, even a tightening of the skin (in a good way) - perfect for make-up application. The only caveat I can see is that it probably won't be effective for people with extremely dry skin. With that said, I have been on Retin A for well over six months, which makes my skin drier than usual and DML works fine.
  11. Is this facial redness something new? I would start with some eliminations. I have been on Retin A for nearly 6 months and I can use NOTHING else on my face to treat acne. I have to use the most mild cleanser and moisturizer, or I will be RED! I can't even spot treat with BP during the day. Also, I my skin is hypersensitive to most ALL sunscreens now that I'm using Retin A. I'm not sure what it is, but I just can't use it, especially the sunscreens that are combined with moisturizers, something
  12. Acne just sucks. Anyway, I agree with the above poster. Set your expectations very low. Treatment takes time, and it took nearly 8 months of consistent treatment for me to get clear. At the 3 month mark, I was honestly so depressed, because I thought that was the milestone marker, and sometimes it's not. I think the key is to endure and stick with it. It seriously sucks, I know, but look at it this way, 6 months will pass regardless, wouldn't you at least like to spend it being proactive? Good l
  13. I was officially diagnosed with perioral dermatitis yesterday, although I pretty much knew that going in to my appt. It started off on the corner of my mouth (laugh line area), similar to what another poster stated, and it slowly spread around my mouth and now under my eyes. My derm put my on 100mg of doxycycline and clindymicin phosphate gel. He also stated that even with prescription treatment it could take 6-12 weeks to go away, and I will always be at a risk for recurrence. I know it doesn'
  14. ...I seriously don't know why I even start posts.
  15. I just happened to come across this information yesterday when I was talking to my friend, who suffers from excema. She's been using DERMAdoctor Born To Be Mild Medicated Face & Body Cleanser. She recommended it to me because I'm suffering from perioral dermatitis. This cleanser contains 2% pyrithione zinc, which is the active ingredient in Head and Shoulders, and other dandruff shampoos, minus the comedogenic ingredients. I can't attest to the efficacy of this product, but she's been using
  16. Thanks, Hoots. I will check out arbonne. I used to buy from them a few years ago. My derm suggested Aquanil, but I have to have my pharmacy order it in. My appt. is on thurs, so hopefully I'll get my antibiotics and start getting rid of this beast. Just thought I'd add that this rash is now under my right eye - lovely...so depressing.
  17. Thank you for the suggestion. I just talked to my derms office and they are telling me to use Aquanil. This DOES contain sodium laureth sulfate, but is supposedly not as aggitating as it's counterpart. We'll see. I also have an appt. Thurs, so I will update just in case anyone else will benefit. Most importantly - Cetaphil is NOT for everyone. If you start using ANY product on your face that burns or stings, STOP using it. It doesn't mean "it's working" it means your skin HATES it. Cleansers
  18. OMG - I am so thankful to find this thread. I haven't been diagnosed with this yet, but I know I have it. I have an appt on Thurs. to confirm. It's a red, dry rash with red bumps under the corners of my nose and along my laugh lines. Like several others, I have it on my chin, but not in the middle. The rash burns and itches. I don't know what suddenly sparked this rash, but I've read that products with SLS can ignite this problem, and I've been using Cetaphil, which has this ingredient. My quest
  19. I've been using Cetaphil for awhile, and it does NOT break me out, BUT from the first time I used it, it always seemed to give me a burning sensation when I washed my face. Initially, the burning sensation did not leave me with reddened skin, but the burning sensation only occurred around my mouth and eyes. I also attributed the burning sensation to the use of Retin A, but now I KNOW it's the SLS in the Cetaphil cleanser that is causing this. Also, I have developed a rash around my mouth (laugh
  20. This was my problem for SO.LONG. Tiny, flesh colored bumps with no head, except that if I tried to squeeze them nothing would come out and I would end up with an inflammed mess. The only treatment that worked for me was Retin A combined with Spiro, but each person has a different combination of causation, so it's hard to say what would work for you. These little buggers are stubborn, though, and it took every bit of six months to get rid of them. Two months of that, though, was managing through
  21. Why don't you reschedule you're appointment? Since you said you typcally have 2 weeks of clear skin, you'd have to wait until the next break out anyway. Please don't attempt to make your skin break out.
  22. It's hard to see in the pic, but it must be pretty deep, especially since it doesn't hurt. Are you sure it's a cyst? I guess the derm would know more than I would, but it does seem odd for it to be unresponsive to 2 injections.
  23. Yes. It's oil-free and won't clog pores. I think it's especially beneficial for women because it leaves a nice matte finish, leaving a nice base for make up application. Make up or not, though, the matte finish is definitely a nice bonus.
  24. Hello. I've been on Retin A for quite some time, and thankfully I'm clear - but I did have the common problem of dry skin as a result of use. After several trial and error experiences with moisturizers, I asked my derm to recommend something, and she gave me a sample of DML, Moisturizing Lotion, and this has been the BEST moisturizer I have ever used. I can't sings it's praises enough. It is plain and boring like Cetaphil, but it truly works for me. My derm told me pharmacies typically keep it
  25. TWELVE WEEKS RIGHT SIDE: ZERO red, active pimples, ZERO (pink) healing, ZERO (small) clogged pores LEFT SIDE: ZERO red, active pimples, ZERO (pink) healing, ZERO clogged pores CHIN: ZERO Forehead: ZERO Red marks: I have 2-4, depending on how picking I'm being. I HAVE ZERO***ZERO***ZERO*** pimples and clogged pores. This is the first time since May 2010 that I've been able to say this. I do have some stubborn red marks that continue to slowly fade, but things are going great!!