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  1. i dont have asthma but the medicine is an antibotic
  2. tell my doctor i drank? my parents knew i did before they were cool with it but i'm 16
  3. lol i just started... almost a month... but like i havnt got any blood test yet.. but all i drink is water i def have a lot of water per day a lot. so could i have like 1 or 2?
  4. does drinking affect the results? and are u even allowed to drink? i'm not talking getting drunk but i would like to know if 1 or 2 is fine
  5. i'm on 30 mg but i;m only 120 pounds, no dryness yet derm might up my dosage to 60
  6. started last night hopefully it works
  7. so when should i take them day or night? and all 30 mg at once or what? with food or no?
  8. well honestly i've posted 5 topics in the last week and none have been answered. until i said the f word like 5 times
  9. ok honestly fuck u guys like fuck u guys never fucking respond to my threads ever FUCK
  10. hello fellows just started 30 MG a day and i was wondering can i still use stevamcyin with this or do u get rid of topicals completely? and do i take all 30 mg at once or what? whith food/without? time of day?
  11. i've been on mino for some while and i havnt gotten many to none zits in awhile just redmarks, but i have woken up to a lot of whiteheads is this normal?
  12. is it safe? accutane.. and if u wanna check pics of when it was working and now, my gallery
  13. i heard from a friend of mine hes on light therapy any tried it with sucess? and can a family doctor prescribe accutane and is it safe?
  14. after being pretty much clear for like 3 months on mino i think it has stopped working my forhead has been breaking out and my one cheek aswell .. i'm going back to the family doc sometime this week to get his opionion
  15. well heres my situation, my cheeks are clearing up very good i've never had any on my chin or forehead or nose area.. but now all of a sudden since my cheeks are better my forehead has broken out.. it use to be the clearest... does anyone know what could be going on
  16. guy nooooo u cant use it with bp!!! nooo well atleast at the same time
  17. ok what is a good sunscreen for furture ref.. that wont make u breakout i need it now that i'm gonna be sensitive to the sun