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  1. i dont have asthma but the medicine is an antibotic
  2. tell my doctor i drank? my parents knew i did before they were cool with it but i'm 16
  3. lol i just started... almost a month... but like i havnt got any blood test yet.. but all i drink is water i def have a lot of water per day a lot. so could i have like 1 or 2?
  4. does drinking affect the results? and are u even allowed to drink? i'm not talking getting drunk but i would like to know if 1 or 2 is fine
  5. i'm on 30 mg but i;m only 120 pounds, no dryness yet derm might up my dosage to 60
  6. started last night hopefully it works
  7. so when should i take them day or night? and all 30 mg at once or what? with food or no?
  8. well honestly i've posted 5 topics in the last week and none have been answered. until i said the f word like 5 times
  9. ok honestly fuck u guys like fuck u guys never fucking respond to my threads ever FUCK
  10. hello fellows just started 30 MG a day and i was wondering can i still use stevamcyin with this or do u get rid of topicals completely? and do i take all 30 mg at once or what? whith food/without? time of day?
  11. i've been on mino for some while and i havnt gotten many to none zits in awhile just redmarks, but i have woken up to a lot of whiteheads is this normal?
  12. is it safe? accutane.. and if u wanna check pics of when it was working and now, my gallery