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  1. yeah, and I dry it pretty harshly. This is why I never take a shower in the morning before.
  2. when I wake up, my skin looks nearly clear. At night though, after a shower, my skin looks pretty bad. Anyone else have this problem?
  3. call me crazy, but the dudes acne looks very mild to me.
  4. Yeah, also possible - the photo's on google images seems rather severe compared to what I've got, but perhaps those are just the worst case scenarios. I don't know what I'd do for folliculitis, Nizoral 2% shampoo & leave it on few minutes? There's also apparently a great product in general for folliculitus & acne/oily skin called "Hibiclens" I'll check out an acne clinic in the city this week, and see what they say, though these places ALWAYS ******* recommend their stupid cle
  5. Maybe you have folliculitis
  6. In those pics, your skin looks pretty much clear.
  7. Everyone has bumps on their skin in certain lighting.
  8. i wouldn't say it's severe, just inflamed.
  9. This is correct. I remember working an outdoors job, where I got to see a lot of people's skin in the bright sun, and people's whose face looked clear to me before suddenly didn't look so clear anymore. You'd be surprised at how very few people have truly flawless bump free skin.
  10. Anyone who doesn't like someone because of some mild acne is shallow.
  11. In your before pics, your skin looks good. It just looks like some red marks, but that's it. In your after pic, your skin looks excellent. Be happy man.
  12. It's definitely folliculitis caused by an electric razor everytime you get a haircut. A lot of black and spanish people get this problem (I had this problem last year). Start getting less haircuts, and tell your barber to not tape you up in the back. I guarantee the bumps will go away.
  13. I just recently got a great job working in a kitchen as a line cook, but I've noticed that since then I've gotten little pimples on my forehead here and there most likely as a result of wearing a chef's hat in a hot kitchen. Anyone have any recommendations on what to do about this? Should I wipe my forehead more often?
  14. Do you get your blood test regularly? Since I've been on Bactrim, I go every two months, and thus far everything is fine. I have had some of the symptoms you've had, but I've probably had those side effects with any medication I've used. They are minor, IMO. But if it's bothering you that much, talk to your derm.