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  1. It's awkward to talk about these kinds of weird things.... Honestly.
  2. MMMMM Garlic!

    Okay.... I used garlic at work for acne. Since Idk how garlic works and how to do it right when topically applying it to the skin. But I've eaten garlic and I love the taste and smell of it. I wanted to be apart of my diet permanently as in means, eating meals with garlic in them. Since it possibly kills bad bacteria within your stomach, helps the immune system i think, and mythically it wards off evil spirits LOL... But it has a strong taste and smell. Becareful.
  3. Stingy and burns

    I've done it few times. Doesn't make much differences in acnes I'd have.... It stings, burns, and of course irritates my acne. Tooth paste usually helps with the teeth generally, not the skin. :P
  4. If you have acne-prone skin, it's best to apply the regimen daily twice per day, everyday. Straight-forward answer. I wouldn't slack off on special occasions or holidays. Keeping skin clear is good. ^__^
  5. Sunbeam the Great



    I honestly have some sort of urine fetish since few years ago i sorta peed on myself, sorry for being all weird and personal... Anyway Idk how this would work, since everyone's different. But Urine is filthy and made of waste food components i doubt it may work for me.... I wouldn't recommend it or try it. I perfer something clean, strong, natural and safe.
  6. Sunbeam the Great



    I tried it, feels like nothing. Assuming it helps a bit, but I want my body full of vitamins and all the "anti-acne" supplements I can get!
  7. I absolutely love your regimen. 5 star!

  8. Hello everyone, how are you all doing?! Anyway I have a middle issued life at the current moment .... I been currently at work almost all day of the week and I been feeling distressed! I worked a lot of hours-- full-time at the resturant. From 11:00 AM to 9:30 on Sunday-Thursday. And 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM for Friday and Saturaday. And for me I feel like I have to get up early around 6:30-7:45 AM and I am STILL tired! I'm like a heavy sleeper mostly. And I'm not a MORNING kind of person. So I
  9. MY LIFE FEELING BETTER. I have about 4 nodules or solid lumpy-acne on the top right of my forehead but so far I'm not brawling-out majorly... But I hate the solid nodules... Takes about 2months and and a half days for it to go away... But I'm feeling great on the other hand.
  10. I know ... but it's like you see other people that never had a pimple in there life and you think ... damn where did i go wrong ... is it my diet ? ... do i stress too much ? .... is it the depression ? and you try your best and nothing seems to work ... am trying to get rid of the spots before having any scar treatment .... but you're right .... logically i should see that others have it worse off .... Well other people might expericed acne before they suffer major problems in serious cases...
  11. Do you have any scarring ? .... Icepick deep pits scars and dark spots. Hyperpigmentations.
  12. It wouldn't make sense if people committed suicide if their skin clears up very well... After accutane... Either way it's just sad to see people die. Ironically i am suicidal not bout acne but personally seeking a girlfriend. A relationship. But I am bit depressed about my face sometimes......
  13. You know most of us are very depressed about our appearances.... Blame biology for the causes of acne. But for off-topic fairness - soldiers or people also suffers depression from lost of legs, limbs, or arms. After war or bad conflicts.. I am saying it's not just the scaring issue. Beside scars aren't physically painful, can possibly be treated. And note no one's perfect!
  14. This may be dirty, disgusting, strange, but very relaxing.... This is a nature's treatment that could work for acne... Anyone well ever taken a mud bath? Or played in the mud before? Like I said this may sound bit dirty and messy... I've read few things about profesional spa mud bath and it says that it removes toxins from the body, cleans pores, and rejuvinates your body... I personally myself love getting muddy-dirty. I have gotten muddy, but never ever been immersed in an actual mud b
  15. well if the helmet keeps touching it for prolong hours... Maybe. It will sting or hurt. I assume.