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  1. over the past year i have gone through numerous personal struggles... on top of that my face has exploded..ll go back to. viewing my ggallery is there any hope that my skin will go back to normal... a clear face would be one bright note in my sea of gloom. Right now that is all i hope for.... it depresses me if after all of this i have even one reminder of these stupid blemishes... Has anyone eveer healed seamlessly???
  2. palevogue31

    My Journey back to clearness

    I'm determined been since getting my ane under control I have these nasty post marks... I want my skin back... been using retinoids microderm aha's sparingly.... here to track and get advice and feedback
  3. im curious to hear if anyone was able to fade their skin in 6 months time.... rather than 2 or 3 years..... im doing everything right and im using aha's and exfoliating..... im not overdoing it though.
  4. mY QUESTION IS now the most that I have my acne for part clear.... in my gallery you can see I have dreaded post acne scars.... Would Retin A cause me to break out again? I know it can be effective in treatiing the scars but I don't know if I want to risk causing new ones from an outbreak with Retin A. I've been using some AHA and microderm and that's helped a little.... Is it possible the scars will completely fade?? Is five months a reasonable time spand?