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  1. Mr. Pineapple? Were you high when you made this profile?...

  2. AHA works well on the marks (with lots and lots of time) but does NOTHING for flakes, for me.
  3. If you're just 8 days in you shouldn't even be using half the amount, especially if you're really sensitive to bp... If you're using Dan's BP the directions are on the back!
  4. put a few drops of it into your moisturizer
  5. Sooo many factors but tanning usually evens tone out TEMPORARILY.
  6. sulfur acne soaps work well for many...
  7. I go into the beach everyday and it stings like hell but I the ocean + sun makes my face heaps better. I don't wear sunscreen anymore my face loves the sun and I never get sunburned. This thread is pretty relative to your situation and it's cool. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Sea-water...me-t133531.html
  8. Whenever my mom didn't have the patience to sit through something I had to express completely in order to pursuade her, I wrote her a letter. Nothing too long, but maybe it's a good idea to write a thoughtful letter and ask her to respectfully reconsider her decision. Describe what you're going through precisely, and write it well. Good luck
  9. I have the same thing. But to be honest I would way rather have flakes then acne so I choose flakes. And flakes are only temporary as they will subside when my skin becomes adjusted to BP.
  10. http://www.acne.org/spots-from-acne.html look around the link i gave. if u still have questions just reply.
  11. I'm about 7 weeks into Dan's Acne.org regimen and I'm still having issues with flakiness and dead skin. I don't get rash's or any other side effects and it's helping greatly with my acne. It's just the dead skin on top of my face. Now during the day I can cover it and I do with jojoba oil added to my moisturizer/spf but by the time it's night or when I wake up the flakes/dead skin seem endless. Also I live in Hawaii so after I go to the beach my face is flaky looking. Additionally, off topic, I
  12. Hmmm is the mark raised or flat? What exactly did the derm give you for it? If it's raised it might be a keloid but to me, it just sounds like new, raw, and irritated skin that WILL heal if you just leave it alone and put sunscreen on it when going out. A picture would give you much better advice...