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  1. That sounds like an awesome party! I should do that too. Lol. If I didn't live on the other side of the country I'd totally be there.
  2. I hope this will be the last time for both of us, breanana! DAY 26! I'm pretty sure I'm in the middle of "the initial breakout" even though I'm more than 3 weeks into the course. Cysts, cysts and more cysts! They aren't huge ones but not small either. I can hide them okay with make-up. It just seems like the breakouts are happening so fast and so close together. Hopefully things will start to clear up soon! Nutrogena T Gel totally cleared the flaky scalp! I use it a few times a week. Lather
  3. mandirose, up until about a few days ago I was so good at remembering to take each 40mg pill twice a day. Then I started to forget to take the morning one. I blame the accutane as well...or maybe it's the fact that I have to get up at 430am to get ready for work. =P axtine8, it is impossible to get the damn thing out of the package! Sometimes I'll find the little pieces of foil or the part with the pregnant lady on it around my kitchen. And when you tear those pieces off, they don't even come o
  4. Day 22 Bad skin day. =/ 6 cysts! They are all small but what the hell?! They came out of nowhere...My nose is all rough feeling. My back hurts. I'm tired. My scalp is digusting. It's impossible to wash out the flakes. And you would think blow drying you hair would blow out all the flakes but no. It's only 10:43 in the AM and today already sucks!
  5. Does anyone find the packaging for this stuff annoying? I do... Anyways, I don't really have anything to report. Mild back pain and I've noticed something strange happening on my lips...It looks like little tiny blisters are popping up. But you have to get real close to see them. They are smaller than the tip of a pen. And if I scratch them with my nail they pop. So I guess they are blisters...Aquaphor, chapstick and vitamin E oil are accomplishing nothing.... =( At least I can only see them!
  6. Day 16! Wait 16? ONLY 16?! Ughhh.... Good morning! Err...Afternoon. I just got up not too long ago...Heh. I take full advantage of sleeping in on my days off. My lips have offcially turned to looking like CRAP. Red all the time and peeling so bad! No matter how much chapstick and aquaphor I apply, it doesn't help. Right now I feel like my face looks better. I have two pretty painful cysts right now. They just started to emerge so they haven't reached their full potential yet. Yay...I had one hi
  7. Acne beard! Haha. We have similar stories! My face too just completely erupted around March. Started breaking out a little around the end of last year and just escalated. I have the acne beard thing going on too. Although my right side is worse than my left...But hopefully you'll be fine on the 60mg. Maybe you'll get some side effects for the first week or so while your body adjusts. GOOD LUCK! And if you ever figure out something that will work for the scalp let me know! Because I hate this it
  8. Day 12! So today...I just wasn't feeling it today. I felt blah all day. Although, I am going on 2 hours sleep because I was downtown all night walking around for 6hours in the HOT humidity. (Monsoons are finally here! YAY!) There was some sort of event down there. I confess I drank a little. Not much at all though. 2 beers okay? Lol. Did not drink enough water! Which I think is part of the reason why my face seems the most dry it has been. Mostly I feel it around my mouth. It feels like I have a
  9. punkrockprincess, Hi! And thank you! I hope this will be the last time! I weigh about 130-135lbs. On my previous courses the highest I did was 60mg. I have a different derm now then I did back then and this one seems a bit more aggressive with treatments I guess. Lol. She said she just want to, "really kick it in the butt." I was honestly a bit scared because I thought it was a high dose too! But I'm fine with it knowing that a higher dose is probably better in the long run as long as all the bl
  10. hey im simone :)

    im 17 and jst started using accutane, its my 3rd day and i dnt have any side effects yet! apart from a red face, and i noticed my pimples/acne have come out more... i was reading yours and since your been on it before you could share some of ur journey with me :)

  11. Hello there! I wish you luck on your course! And I also had trouble figuring out how to link. But when you are replying (not the "Fast Reply") there is something you can click on that says BB Code Help, click that and it's the 6th one down.
  12. I got the hat at Disney Land. Awesome isn't it?! My skin is so white that anything on my face sticks out like no other. So I too obsess about any spot. And I scar so easily. Half the marks on my face right now are scars! *sigh* Oh well, such is life...
  13. I use to get the shots in my teen years while on accutane. Haven't gotton one recently. Those hurt like a bitch but worth it! My scalp itches like crazy too! I try not to scratch it because because then it will flake and look like dandruff. GROSS. Any shampoos or conditioners that will help this? I can't wait until I don't have to wash my hair so often. Good luck with the blood test!
  14. Hey there! I just started reading you log. You are pretty funny! I like you pessimism mostly because I am the same way! I'm sorry you're having a rough first month! It WILL get better. I know how you feel with being clear for a long time and then all the sudden for it to come back. I did accutane twice about 6-7yrs ago and my acne came back almost a year ago. I was so sad! Now I'm on it again. The first few months can be pretty rough for a lot of people but hang in there! Once you get to the poi
  15. Thanks hop3! Okay so today is Day 10 nothing too much to report about. My lips are getting more chapped and my bottom lip cracked. My face is more dy today and flaking more. Yay! I wish I could exfoliate all the dry skin off, but that is a big no no...As weird as it sounds I feel better seeing more side effects because that means it's working! No big breakout yet. I'm hoping I get lucky and not have one! I have one cyst on my right jawline. It's going away though. I woke up with a few new tiny