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  1. Mae312

    - very gentle - will not dry skin or make it tight - non-irritating - fragrance free - definitely will not make acne any worse or lead to clogged pores - cleans face - doesn't foam (this isn't really a con, but I know it bothers some people) - doesn't do much to remove dead skin or makeup - does not fight acne on its own I've been using this cleanser for two years now. I've tried switching to other things but keep coming back to this because it is a genuinely g
  2. YES, it does. I used to spend at least one hour in front of the mirror picking every single day. I haven't picked in one month and two weeks now and it gets easier every day. The urge and thinking about it are still there, but never as strong. It's gotten to the point that I can't even imagine CONSIDERING picking anymore because I remember how awful I felt then and how much better I feel now. Keep trying. It took me years of trying, and I finally did it. And I do feel like a normal person now, h
  3. Thank you all so much for your comments I've passed my one month mark now and couldn't be more happy about it. It gets easier the longer you go - it gets to the point where you think that picking and having to deal with the wounds would be more difficult than dealing with any spots that may occur naturally, and it's true. Picked at spots look worse and more noticeable than those that are left alone, and when you leave your face alone, it heals just as fast - if not faster. You'll see that, the
  4. I'm going to university I have the most amazing mum in the world I'm really in love with photography and recently got a Nikon which I adore so much I can't put it down I read constantly and I LOVE it - I never lost the ability I had as a child to vividly picture everything as I read it so that it's like I am living the book, not only reading it My family, in general, is amazing I live in Canada I don't have to pay for health care, medication costs hardly anything, and thanks to my parents' healt
  5. I'm really really REALLY nervous about the idea of posting this picture, but if it helps anyone here, it will be worth it. I've been picking at my skin for 6 years, and trying to quit for the past 2. Recently my progress has been amazing - I've made it 3 weeks without picking and it's for good this time. It's taken so many trials and errors, but I've finally done it, and honestly, although I am still slightly tempted to pick every time I look in the mirror, it's different now - I'm able to pull
  6. Benzoyl peroxide IS exfoliating - it's a chemical exfoliant, but I'm assuming you're asking if you should use a mechanical one like a scrub or something? Personally I don't think you need to - scrubs can be irritating and cause more problems than they solve, and using the BP should be all the exfoliating you need. But if you do want to do something more to exfoliate (I would suggest doing it only if you find you have a lot of dead skin on your face, otherwise you really don't need to), get a ver
  7. - touching my face/resting my face on my hand. - letting other people touch my face or kiss me on the cheek or forehead. - going to bed without washing my face. - waking up without washing my face. - NOT READING INGREDIENTS ON COSMETICS/SKIN CARE PRODUCTS. - falling asleep on the couch and not worrying about the pillows not being clean. - falling asleep on a bed that isn't mine and again not worrying about the pillows not being clean. - letting my hair touch my face without freaking out. - tryin
  8. Haha I've never heard of this! I'm obsessed with raisins, I seriously eat them every day, but they don't have any effect on my skin good or bad...
  9. I've been wondering the same thing.. I don't know about moisturisers, my skin hates every one I've ever tried, so I don't use any either. I don't notice a difference between my skin when I don't use one and when I do. I don't think moisturisers are important at all but other people swear they are. Who knows! I really think you should just do whatever feels right for your skin; everyone's different. If your face doesn't feel tight after cleansing (which it shouldn't if you're using Cetaphil), you
  10. Eek that sounds SO painful! I've never had a cyst before though, I don't think. Just nodules.. would it be any different? :S
  11. I've had a few nodules this year, and I'd never gotten them before then, so I wanted to know if this is normal. Two that I had have gone down in size completely - there is a purplish-red mark where they used to be, but otherwise you can't tell that anything was there. However when I wash my face, I can feel a hard lump under my skin in those areas. It doesn't hurt at all like the nodules did, and like I said, it isn't visible above my skin - but I can definitely feel it underneath. Is this norma
  12. Complex 15 is really nice, light, won't clog pores, and it's non-expensive For soothing/calming, you could get pure aloe vera. (it's not very moisturising on its own though, I suggest adding it to a moisturiser, or applying it first and then a moisturiser over top)
  13. I always wonder how significant the connection between anxiety and acne is... personally I think it's huge. I've had anxiety for a while and I always seem to notice a correlation between panic attacks and breakouts... it makes sense because of all the chemical stuff that goes on when you have anxiety, yet for all you hear about stress causing acne, no one ever seems to say that anxiety causes acne (but maybe that's because to most people they are the same thing?). So glad you are having success
  14. Yes, there are a few birth control pills that doctors will prescribe for the purpose of treating acne only, so I'm sure yours will. But if for some reason your doctor is hesitant you could say that you also want it to help regulate your periods.