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  1. lol is it fine now But U have it in ur post !!
  2. Guyz I never meant to be rude...You guyz are not lookin at the positive side ...lol i am even scared to type in this topic nemore ...Newayz thanks for the guyz who understood what I am talking about...And for the guy who told me that Karma Comez And bites me in my bum ......Dude Chill why u cursing me ...I never meant nething bad for anybody MR. Sunshine
  3. Guyz !!! wow look at this pic when Brad Pitt has scarring and he's the hottest guy on Earth!! What the heck are we worried about... My scars are way too minor when compared to the scars over here....I am on a high lol.... I am not goin in for a treatment unless i reach his status or unless I marry some one hot like Angelina Jolie... Guyz stop worrying about your skin and start living .. I personally think we magnify the scars 80% ..others dont even bother .......) ...Itz all being positive
  4. Lmfao- Laughin mi fuckin ass off!!! And I really would like to know what the guy said did anyone chat wid him till now ??? lol
  5. Wow Awesome Results...!!! you serously gave me hopes for my mild scarring .......I thought i had to stay with them for my life....N what do u mean by getting rid of the damaged skin before dermarolling ...i do have some PIH left that means i can't roll???....I ordered a 1.5 roller with egf cream ....any suggestions on what to add Thanks and your skin is looking Gr8!!!!!
  6. Bump Bump Helooooooo Neone!!!
  7. Hey Guyz I got my dermaroller by post today and I dont have any creams along with it And i dont get cp or vit c serum where i stay...Are there any other creams or natural remedies which are easily available ....after dermarolling..I wanna get started now itself and i tried everywhere searching for vit c serum or a cream ....there are only 2.5% concentrated vit c creams. ....or vit e creams...or aloevera ....which one do u think i should get ..??????????
  8. Thanks a Lot guyz i ordered my 1.5 derma roller today .......would roll!! and post the results...Ill be using neosporin,then retin a 0.0025 after the rolling and then aloevera in the morning to repair the skin Thanks for all your help
  9. Hey guyz i was reading all your posts since a long time and decided that the only thing which could work for my scars(indents) is a dermaroller ...Ive included a pic in here...I was confused between the 1.5 and 0.5 which one would be better for my skin i have never used any product on my skin.. My pic Thanks