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  1. Ive used aloe vera plant on my skin a few times in the past, id be interested to know how you get on with it cos, i think i may get my own plant soon.
  2. hey Hernan, i read about you getting bullied in another post of yours, i really hope you get this sorted, dont let them get away with it, those people are weak losers with their own insecurites. best wishes xx
  3. I'd add: relief- that there are other people with similar experinces and understanding.
  4. I think maybe the first thing to remember is that dirt does not necessarily equate to acne, and if someone was experiencing any of those circumstances I think their skin would be the least of their worries.
  5. I just thought of this after reading lauryn's thread on hypersensitivity. I've had depression and anxiety for a number of years now. sometimes i feel fine, but other times i cant stop crying, and a lot of people think its a mood or phase. But feeling a bit down, is completely different from experinencing real depression. and a lot of differnent things can trigger it off for me, but the main thing is i want to get through it without having to take any sort of medication (ive taken some in the pas
  6. I think im very hypersenitve, my emotional problems are pretty crippling most of the time, and i have recurring depression that is interfering with every aspect of my life. i oftern wonder if i will be able to lead a normal life free from this. The hardest thing is explaing how I feel to people. when i have a depressive episode being told to "pull myself out of it" is just the worst thing ever.
  7. I'm sure that if this same question was asked on a weight loss forum, people would rather have acne.
  8. being overweight is a taboo because its seen as something that a person does to themselves. I dont see how anyone can think that a person has inflicted themselves with acne through poor hygiene.