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  1. cool. and i'm so glad you're seeing some results (me too. fingers crossed). today is my 15th day. i definitley notice i'm puffy and bloated, but don't really care since i hope it means diane is starting to work its magical powers on my system. keep us posted on your progress!
  2. when i lived in nyc, i went to Dr. Philip Bruder. i really liked him--he was sensitive to my concerns, a good listener, etc. i went through a round of accutane with him with great results. he's on 63rd, between park and lexington. hope that helps!
  3. Thanks for the info! i was/am mainly curious because i've never gotten medicine from the internet before. so i was just wondering if anyone else has done that too and had success. i'm glad the Diane works for you!
  4. right. put a thin layer on at night, wash off in the morning. put on whatever you put on in the morning (bp, antibiotic, nothing, etc) and put moisturizer on top of that. don't put on anything else on top of/with the retin-a or it will aggravate your skin.
  5. Hi Guys, I'm 27 and, after 5 years of crystal clear skin, i started getting super-blech cyst breakouts in September. my acne is categorized as mild-moderate and manifests on my chin and jaw line. i hate it! i was diagnosed with pcos years ago, so i know my acne is hormonal. i currently take 200mg of Spiro, 500mg of Metformin (insulin sensitizer), and have just started a round of accutane. my question, however, is about birthcontrol pills. ok, so i've been on virtually every type of birth