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  1. for me it wasn't really a full solution, but i reckon it did pretty good as part of my diet overall. now i'm fully hooked, its really good in summer iced with a little honey (: also i get the decaf kind, cause if i don't sleep i turn into tyler durden
  2. are you using this on your face? most people just use it on their body/hands. i reckon i'd only put it on my face if it was really dry, cause its not really an acne thing plus it can get a bit greasy. i use palmer's aloe vera formula, but the cocoa butter does smell incredibly good (:
  3. for a lot of people, yeah. i don't get it too bad but still try to avoid it just in case... which means i can't have my milk and cereal in the mornings ):
  4. split ends and crappy nails.. man, i sound like such a princess (: also haven't been for a decent run/training sesh in ages.
  5. whenever we have a barbeque, we'll always have some wrapped in tin foil and thrown right in the coals (: also great mashed in place of polenta/normal mash
  6. natural instinct, but i think its only available in aus
  7. i love their lip stuff too! haven't heard anything about their regimen but i wouldn't mind trying out the herbal blemish stick.
  8. totally agree! judging by your awsum writing you seem like the type of guy any girl would bumblebee dance for (:
  9. i kinda have a similar thing, except mine's also a little cause i can't find anything decent (i really cannot bring myself to apply to macca's) i don't reckon you should pretend to be confident, that could make you feel really fake, like you don't really believe in yourself. maybe focus on the positives instead, i'm sure you have heaps of great personalities that make you really employable (: besides, working for someone who judges based on looks wouldn't be very fun either... but next time yo
  10. breakfast: weetbix with honey, strawberries and skim milk lunch: probably just gonna chuck some vegetable soup in the oven topped with puff pastry and scrounge up a salad, one of the best lazy meals ever (: dinner: headin out, so hopefully there'll be some decent stuff been snackin on: green tea and bananas