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  1. My IB was absolutely terrible, I was covered in bumps everywhere which left baddd red marks, then around week 4 or 5 it all cleared up SO SO SO SO well, I recentlyhad my 6 week check up and they said I was post acne now with only 2 or 3 very small active pimples and it just looked like what a normal person would have, they prescribed me something to fade my red marks and after 3 days my marks are a super light pink and most have even disappeared, I'm still taking Amoxicillin just to finish up my
  2. Hey guys! Well just wanted to say that after almost 2 months on amoxicillin and Ziana I have pretty much cleared my acne with the occasional normal girl breakout ahem, buttt the thing that has bothered me the most ever since a year ago when I had acne was the redspots it would leave over, I had moderate acne no deep lesions or anything, but like I said the red spots were the main things bothering me really bad because for some reason I had alooooottt, but I went to my dermatologist less than a
  3. I'm on Ziana right now, and it's great so far it broke me out kind of bad the first week, but now it's week 2 and almost every pimple is scabbed over and almost gone, given I only have moderate acne and mainly just papules, but it seems to be working and I asked for something for sensitive skin since my whole skin problem was from me drying and peeling off the top layer of skin for a year from over the counter medication, so Ziana may work for you as well and it will not make you dry or red, and
  4. I think my Ziana and amoxicillin is doing good and the massive initial breakout I got is all scabbed over, not gonna pick or look at myself for acouple days so hopefully it can continue to heal!
  5. I have possibly the MOST irritable skin ever as even salicylic acid literally burned my skin off which caused me this whole face mess in the first place, but they prescribed me Ziana and I apply literally only a pea size and it does not irritate much at all, are you perhaps using too much?
  6. I love your hair! =)

  7. kinda shitty just turned to feeling extremely shitty, I hate breaking down and crying, makes me feel so weak.
  8. Kind of shitty, my acne itself as in the bumps and everything is clearing up and smoothing out, but fucking red marks.....ugh why. I just started amoxicillin and Ziana so hopefully it'll help my redness, hopefully....
  9. Corners of the mouth are the worst especially since they get irritated SO easily and literally take forever to go away
  10. Well honestly, I would just go full force and do a normal dosage just so it would knock it out and maybe wouldn't have to be on accutane for a long time, so if it was me then I would just do standard dose and just finish it off. But go to the dermatologist and ask about the risks of accutane and maybe the benefits of being on a lower dose! Good Luck!
  11. I sort of wanted to go on Accutane as well and I'm turning 16 in a month, and I have more along the lines of moderate acne, nothing too severe but it does bother me alot, but I went to the dermatologist and since I was generally not that bad he wouldn't prescribe me accutane and instead put me on an antibiotic and a topical that are helping, I don't know about your dermatologist, but he may or may not prescribe you it especially since your probably like me with mild/moderate.
  12. I'm actually pretty sure that I already had it since I did breakout alittle and the little breakout is not completely healing yet as opposed to my other areas that are now almost gone! But I've been on it for a week and it doesn't make me dry or oily at all, it's the perfect topical it seems like since it's clearing me up and not drying me out at the same time.
  13. Hey! I was prescribed Ziana about a week or so ago, I went on it to combat my acne but something that was also more suited for my SUPER sensitive as in I would become inflamed and breakout from mere benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. But anyways ever since I've been using it it has dried up all my pimples greatly and seems to be clearing my skin pretty quickly I'm guessing also because I don't have any like deep or cystic pimples more just moderate acne as I mainly just have papules, but anyw
  14. I was SO scared to go to a dermatologist also especially hearing about all the negative things that people had, but after about a year of being fed up with everything I finally went to the dermatologist about a week ago and he prescribed amoxicillin for an oral antibiotic and then Ziana for a topical antibiotic, it's barely been a week an already it seems like I'm beginning to see alittle improvement, but not many people go on amoxicillin, I don't have cystic acne or anything just more like mode