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  1. If you don't mind me asking, what Doctor are you seeing for the subcision in NYC?
  2. Yes, my scars were deep. mainly around the cheeks and chin. I had a lot of scars from cystic acne that lasted into my late thirty's.
  3. I would absolutely recommend this procedure. I had basically boxcar and rolling scars. Some deeper than others. I had Seven visits over Eight months. You can't just do it in one visit. Like the doctor said at my first visit, it is like building a house from scratch. You first have to start with a foundation, then build from there. And yes, it looks so natural that in most scars I had, you wouldn't even know that I once had scars. Hope this helps! Are you in New York?
  4. Yes, The silicon microdroplets are permanent. Each session is $750 wheather it's One Syringe or Five.
  5. I would highly recomend Dr. Frank. Although I used Dr. Geronemus for the Fraxel Restore. After the Fraxel's, I went to Dr. Frank for Silicone Microdroplets to fill in the scaring. My skin is 90% of what it was as a teen. Dr. Frank actually uses the Fraxel and Silicone in the same treatment session. You will see amazing results!
  6. I don't know why there is such negativity about Fraxel Restore. My background is what no one would ever want to go through although I know a lot of you have gone through the same. I had cystic acne from my teen years up until my early forties! I went through 2 rounds of acutane during that time and even that didn't really work. Talk about having low self esteem for most of your life. My scars are rolling on my temples and deep on my cheeks from the injections to rid the cystic acne. It