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  1. Interesting...even though the marks are flat? How could I help it heal faster? I've been looking at Apple Cider Vinegar....is that a reasonable idea? I guess it doesn't matter much, I've tried way more expensive options!
  2. I've been getting extremely frustrated with my red marks. Almost 2 years ago, I got a two very nasty zits to the left of my nose...well, they left nice, dark brown spots that have been haunting me ever since. Then, about a year ago, I got a very NORMAL zit (which I didn't poke or pick at) on the right side of my nose, and that has stayed too! Now I have three ugly dots on my face around my nose! The one on the right hasn't turned brown, but it's still bright red. I feel like I've tried ever
  3. Umm...so it's starting to finally to fade a bit and now I have a new problem! Haha. The skin lightening cream I used for a month or so left a small patch of my skin a lighter color (obviously) Should I just go tanning or something? Or is that going to make it worse? I guess I should have researched this cream a bit more. Does it prevent tans in that particular area? Thanks!
  4. It's brown/red and maybe even a little black basically. It's awful haha. I didn't know if lasers would be a good place to start (I'm trying to see a dermatologist first, but they are all really booked up) but I'll give the laser places a call, thanks! I'd really like to get rid of it before the summer is over
  5. Okay, I already don't have the best complexion (working on it) but this has really been bothering me. I had a pretty nasty pimple about two MONTHS ago and it stopped swelling, but it left me with this: I've tried using Proactiv Skin Lightening Lotion and it doesn't seem to have any effect....I don't know what else to do! Is it still an active pimple? It's flat now, but very ugly...and very noticeable even from far away ANY info and advice would be very, very appreciated! Thanks!