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  1. True, i'd chose having bad skin rather than for example losing a leg, suffering from down syndrome, blindness etc. Still acne sux.
  2. Same here, sad and tired... wish i could start life again without acne
  3. Don't worry. Usually people like those are hit back by Karma. I was... i was also judgemental to people with acne. I was like "why doesn't he treat acne with some cream" Guess i paid for my ignorance too.
  4. Yep, moms sure love those talks. "you need to have relations with a girl and then you clear up" - usually just kills me when i hear it from my mom. Indeed i remain speechless of her ignorance.
  5. Hey, i can understand what you mean I feel like that too btw lol. I mean i don't mind at all... I think it's obviously because i would have understantood her alot more easier, as i went through acne too you know. And i also tend to feel a somewhat of closer feeling to her.
  6. Hey, i suppose baldness isn't so bad. I personally aside from acne, am dealing with a case of ingrown hair. I still have no idea how come they occur, as i am not triggering it in any way. I very rarely weared a second pair of tight pants (well, winter, when it's cold. Yoiu get it) So... that and i'm also abit of unlucky with my skin genetically. Seing as my acne's origins are hormonal AND genetic, i ALSO have a mild case of Keratosis Pilaris (more then sure that it's my grandpa's genetics). It's
  7. Your ignorance has no boundaries... not to speak how misinformed you are. Jesus, what did you lose on this forum if you don't have acne? (judging by your post i doubt you even had a pimple in your life...)
  8. Happy birthday

  9. Hey, congratz that you cleared up! I can only imagine yor hapiness and envy you in a good way ^^ Is it possible that grew out of acne maybe? Or did you try any special regimen/products?
  10. I'm sorry for my clumsyness not checking the FAQ But i swear i never knew. So as i understood i'll still be having the redmarks while i'm on the regimen? I guess better take the breakouts under control and have some red marks that eventually will clear, rather to deal with acne AND new marks :/ Thank you so much for taking your time and helping me out!
  11. Hello. I decided today that i'll be ordering Dan's regimen, i have fairly big hormonal breakouts and i heard that Dan's regimen sometimes takes that under control. Worth of a shot for me. What i'd like to know for sure is: Does the "starter kit" available online include something for the faster healing of red marks? I would say they are the biggest problems i have so far, because they seem to be healing extreeemly slow, one will heal like in 1 month or so. If not, do you have any suggestions
  12. runjennyrunnn Tsss.... yeah i hear you. I especially hate it when it happens that we are eating, at some point she just keeps looking at my face in such an awkward silence I tell her: Please look in an other direction... I just can't stand it! I feel like my body itches and i have to make evasive manuevers, hide my face somehow! Then she keeps bringing me the standart bull about: "Oh don't worry sweetie, i had it too, you will grow out of it" "you must have relations with your gilrfriend"
  13. Well, that's actualy normal especialy if you are worriyng abit. I used to break out alot before my exams, but then it got under control. Have a good time on holidays, just don't mind! Have fun
  14. I can't help it, anytime anyone looks at my face(even my mom) i ALLWAYS think about the acne... I mean c'mon! Why else the hell would he be exploring your face from right to left and up down. I usualy give back an angry look and if he keeps on watching i just ignore him.