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  1. hey man, what type of scars do you have?

    1. hey man, hows the treatments going for acne?

      1. hey man, hows it going with the acne now?

        1. hey happy, hows the acne? did accutane completely clear u

          1. hey hows ur accutane course coming a long

            1. IMHO, forget about them. 2-3? that nothing to fret over.

              did ur pores enlarge from tane?

              1. hey what type of scars did benzoyl peroxide cause? are they indented scars... or just discoloration

                1. hey clare, how many of these tiny indents do you have?

                  1. still deciding on the tane.


                    1. hey man.. what dose were you on when u went on tane?

                      1. hey, how has your accutane experience been?

                        1. hey martin... did accutane clear your seb derm?

                          1. hey man, hows the accutane going? Is it keeping you clear still? any breakoputs? Any scarring? thanks