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  1. Only 13 weeks in, I would be patient. I have been off Accutane for about 6 weeks now and have been really pleased with the results. I was on 120mg for 5 months and even in the last month still had a couple of blemishes. However, after getting off the tane, my skin has improved tremendously. I'm still not near as oily as pretane, and if I get a pimple now, it's some tiny tiny little whitehead that you can pop and an hour later you can't tell it was ever there. I personally think the medici
  2. I agree with everyone else, 20mg seems a little low. You appear to be a fairly big guy, 180 pounds or so I would assume? My doc started me on 80mg, and my condition is not as severe, and I'm about the same size. I just want to make sure your getting your moneys worth. Best of luck man.
  3. I'm glad to hear the term "snowball" used in a positive manner. lol I know I can't wait for this stuff to kick in. I'm now thru day two and really no changes except for some whiteheads on my chest, which normally never breaks out except right after I shave it (haha, laugh it up but the girlfriend has a thing with hair) I can't really notice any lip dryness but I use blistex on a normal basis anyway. It's cool to see so many people starting this stuff at the same time. Hope it works for e
  4. Hello everyone, this site is absolutely wonderful. I have really enjoyed reading what others have to say about all the various types of treatments, especially accutane. I finally decided to try Accutane starting November 5th. My Derm started me off at the full dose (I think anyway). 80mg a day and I weight about 175 pounds. This kind of shocked me because I don't consider myself as having "horrible" acne. It just flares up all at once and I get one maybe two cysts at a time. These are n