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  1. Hi Paul, I guess I'm lucky, my derm agreed that it would be a waste of time and antibiotics to go through them! I'd say the acne on my face right now (and before the initial breakout, more on that later) is/was mild. On my back and chest it is moderate but was heading towards being very not nice at all. At the end of the first course I had already discussed the plan of action should it come back and as I had no adverse reactions to Isotretinoin, a second course to get rid of acne for good was a
  2. Hello everyone! I've been away for a long time! I went on 40mg/day Isotretinoin back in July/August 2009, as you can see here: 19/M/40MG/68KG(150lbs). I've been almost completely clear for coming up 2 years but, over the last few weeks things started getting worse and worse again unfortunately , so I'm back for round two! I've been on 30mg for 4days now, I started on the 1st September 2011, making it nice and simple to keep track. My skin pretty much immediately responded to the reduced oil,
  3. ...the odd spot here and there on my face, and a bit of a breakout on my chest last week, but that may be due to the sun and a not-ideal for acne sunscreen! It is clearing up now, and hoping it stays that way! If the breakouts persist after this hot weather I may consider another course, but for now, all good!

  4. Hi acneisreallylame, I haven't been on here for months and months now, sorry to anyone that was following my progress! Things just got so great that I started doing all sorts of things I was worried to do before and kinda forgot about updating! So hehe there you go, that's how my Accutane treatment went! We're having a pretty hot summer here in England and im getting the od

  5. hey dude how did ur accutane treatment go

  6. 5months :). I think my last day is Christmas eve, so i'll have an Accutane free Christmas! I'm not sure about the dose, the results have been really good with 40mg. I think the plan was for me to go up to 60mg on the 3rd month, but by the second month I was having really great improvements already. I've expressed my concern about recurrence but in her experience my derm assures me going higher would not be worth the extra side effects for my type of acne (mild face acne, moderate body acne, bo
  7. Glad to see you're doing well Roxy! You'll be clear again in no time: the months really do fly by! But good luck all the same .
  8. Thanks Roxy :). Glad to hear your IB is over and you're on the road to recovery again. Good luck :D! Day 82 today, and I've got one little bit inflamed spot behind my ear kinda just before my hair line. Apart from that, everything is great!
  9. Day 80! Haven't written on here for a while, but everything is all going well . For the first time in as long as I can remember, I currently have zero, ZERO, actives! Lip dryness seems to fluctuate, and I still getting the odd small spot but at the moment none at all. It's really a great feeling. Still loads of red marks of course, but that's something that'll fade with time - opposed to the constant Acne renewing itself all the time I was used to. I can't believe the last time I posted was da
  10. Day 58! I seem to be having ups and downs on skin dryness, probably need to be a little more consistent in the times at which I take tane. My lips are always either A) dry or B) dry and peeling though. Time has really flown by though, nearly into month 3 (started on 23rd July)! I'm still having the odd spot pop up. Have two biguns on my neck right now, one on the back to the left a bit, and one on the hairline behind right ear. My chest is pretty good, only had one inflamed one roughly in the
  11. Day 47. Been back on 40mg for 2 days now, seems the stomach problems were unrelated. Probably just the fact that Accutane lowers your immune system a bit. Everything is the same as usual. Fronts of shoulders still being stubborn, everywhere else is pretty much clear save for some very small spots on chest and just below ribcage. My nose is damn sore though, but haven't had any more nosebleeds. I have a spot right in the middle of my earlobe - how random!
  12. Day 40! Had a bit of stomach troubles last few days, don't know if it was the accutane or not but i'm just going to take 20mg per day till next derm apt. and bloodcheck etc. Otherwise not much has changed, as usual there is ups and downs: back has cleared up again, but few have popped up on my neck. Swings and roundabouts till the end! Nose has been bit sore but no more nosebleeds. Having to moisturise the backs of my arms since they got a little itchy and I don't want to get accutane eczema
  13. Day 36! Nothing much has changed really. Few things I have noticed though totally unrelated to acne. First, after having a bath one of my ears would be like 1/2 deaf sometimes for a few hours - never occurred so far on Accutane. Secondly, if you drink on Accutane, from what I can tell you will get insanely emotional at times, more so than just drink by itself: I've had a crying fit, and huge frustration for no reason, even when having not drank that much, so beware (these are listed in the broc
  14. Day 28. Quite an eventful week! Not for the better . 5 big nodules have popped up on my back throughout the week, and a few big inflamed papules in random places. Had first nosebleed whilst I was awake as well. Lips are super-dry again as well! Hoping the coming week will be better! Those damn nodules are going to take ages to heal though even if no more pop up. Hydrogen Peroxide only seems to work on face/neck nodules, doesn't really penetrate the thick back skin - though I am using a gel, may
  15. Day 23... Nose bleed! Sort of... I woke up and was a bit congested so I blow my nose and yeah.. blood . Luckily I haven't yet had blood streaming from my nose . Nothing else really to update, no changes apart from that!