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  1. Thanks so much for your thorough reply Tapering it is then! Trouble is, I only have 22 pills left, and the dosage is 4 a day (2, twice a day). What do you think of this plan? I'll drop it to 2 a day (1, twice a day) starting today and continue that for say, 5 days? Then I'll have 12 left, and I'll take one a day for the next 5 days, then I'll have 7 left, so over the next two weeks I'll take one every other day. Please feel free to offer up any amendments to that if you think there's a better w
  2. I'll allergic to BP. My doc put me on oxytetracyline in September even though my acne isn't usually of the inflamed type. I will occasionally have cysts though, and when I went to see him my skin did look like absolute ****. At the same time I started using a 2% salicylic acid exfoliant most days in the morning, after washing with a polyethylene scrub. My acne has got better I guess, but it hasn't cleared completely, and on areas where I'm not using the salicylic acid (chest, bum) I'm still g
  3. Hi, Just been put on oxytectracycline for my acne. Has anyone used it, or another tectracycline, and ended up with discoloured teeth? As I hear this may be a side effect and I'm worried. Thanks
  4. Hey, I know it's been a few months since you wrote this but in case you check back, just wanted to say a big thanks my acne is mild to moderate, although you'd never think it to look at me - whenever I have too much time on my hands I squeeze and pick and my face is a mess as a result I'm working on that, but being full-on allergic to BP sucks (it really does, I ended up in the doctors once after I couldn't even open my eye cos the left side of my face was so swelled up) so I've been looking f
  5. Thanks guys, but icing is only doing so much. It's a hard lump still. I always forget to mention I'm allergic (really, full-on ALLERGIC) to BP. It's such a pain.
  6. The skin isn't broken; I'm keeping it clean and not touching it but what should I put on it to hopefully stop it becoming a full on major problem? My options are: neosporin tea tree and witch hazel cream (non-comedogenic) a self-made tea tree/water solution 1% hydrocortisone cream (which i use very rarely on problem cysts) sudocrem I'm ALLERGIC to BP! Advice would be very much appreciated, thank you!!!
  7. Actually guys I think it's a cyst if that makes a difference.
  8. Cortisone shots are really hard to get in the UK. I'd need to make an appointment with my GP, who would put me on a long waiting list to see a dermatologist. The alternative is going private and probably paying a couple of hundred pounds, as I understand it. I'm allergic to BP, and I have tried an ibuprofen mask a couple of times but to little effect. I'll go buy some asprin today though. I have a good tea tree cream that I use but I don't know how much effect it'll have on something huge and
  9. I've had a hard, slightly red lump under the skin on my chin for a while now and I also have a lump on the back of my neck. I've been applying a thin layer of Hydrocortisone cream before bed for the last few days but it seems to be doing nothing for the size or the inflammation. I know you're not meant to use this stuff too often and I've only used it a couple of times before but these lumps are hard, large and super awful looking so that's why I've used it for a few days on these. It seems to
  10. Hi, I use azelaic acid twice daily after cleansing, although I didn't use it yesterday. Just did a 15% lactic/salicylic acid peel because my nose looked awful. The peel is always very mild and doesn't actually even cause peeling. Would it be okay to apply azelaic acid as normal, soon, or should I wait a day or two? Thanks!
  11. Hi, I cleanse with a beaded scrub but have just started using azelaic acid after (I'm REALLY allergic to BP). I bought it because I read it was good for active acne and PIH. But is it good for the type of acne I have or more suited for nodules and cysts (which I do also get occasionally)? Thank you!
  12. Hi, I mostly have non-inflamed acne but do also get whiteheads and painful cysts occasionally. Currently I cleanse with a scrub and have just started using azelaic acid afterwards (I'm VERY allergic to BP). My question is, I have a few scabs on my face where previous spots have been picked (I know... ) or got out of control. Will it be okay to use the azelaic acid on these areas? Thank you
  13. Hi, I didn't mean to pop this one (honestly!) but I was washing my face and it happened so I gently got all the ooze out but stopped at the first sign of blood. It felt better for it anyway because it was pretty sore til then. After it had dried up I put on some Manuka honey instead of my usual Neosporin - because I find that Neosporin makes scabs turn kind of yellow/ green and crusty looking - and covered it with a band-aid. So is it good that Neosporin is doing this? Because it always LOOKS w