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  1. im actually kinda happy bout my face today... my mama said that my skin has been looking nicer... now i just have all these stupid lil bumps! i want em gone!..and i have one sore on my forhead that needs to heal before next friday!
  2. ive started using sally hansen's natural beauty luminizing face primer.. i really like it!
  3. thats so cute..... the prob though is when your face isnt so great to start out with like moi
  4. Hahaha but only the after photo. Might make you think twice i agree... i love animals, i dont want kittens to die, therefore i will not pick my skin cuz it kills kittens lol.... irrational thinking, but hey whatever it takes lol
  5. i think a lot of us feel that way, youre not alone in that
  6. Not really. People get turned down from jobs that have to deal with the public because of acne. Also how many stories do we hear where the opposite sex turns you down because of it? I have heard plenty, in fact someone wrote another one today. agreed. it would be too easy to say that its all in our heads and that its ourselves thats holding us back... while this may be true to some extent, the sad reality is that we do get judged for our acne... and in some way (wheather we know it or no
  7. Unfortunately my face has gotten worse since those pictures, and I didn't show the other side of my cheek (where it's really horrible at) in any pictures 'cause it was too depressing for me. Sorry, I know how you feel. And I'm almost 20 too :/ I feel like these marks on my face make me look older though... ehh! im alsmost 20 also and i feel the same way... isnt weird how acne (something that only used to seem to be for hormonal preteens and teens) can make us feel old?... i stare in the
  8. aw im so sorry, that must feel horrible. people can be so insensitive sometimes
  9. aw im so sorry youve had it this tough. just remember all the crap we have to go through in our lives can either make us bitter or make us better. its what i like to remind myself. you eventually will be able to get your acne at least under control, but hopefully meanwhile youll become a stronger person. i know its so very difficult, but remember its your heart and who you are on the inside that truly makes you a beautiful person. so those jerks who call you leopard face, sure maybe they have cl
  10. lets see your picshaa then so we may (and will) compliment you! Don't have the courage to look in the mirror yet alone take a photo, sorry :snooty: You'll get there. Don't worry. There are so many ways to make yourself feel better about your skin. I just started a thread about it. Check it for updates, and I hope you'll find something you can relate to. In the end it's not the acne that makes us feel bad. It's the way we let it affect us. When you're ready, you know that we don't
  11. this is very helpful thank you!... i have also recently started to pin my hair back.
  12. oh boy, a before and after pic of me from picking my face would probably be scary enough to kill a kitten.
  13. jenny to the rescue! how may i assist you?! lol