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  1. If I don't use moisturizer, I might aswell not use BP either. My skin will flake, and I know this. I've seen this behaviour in a lot of people, they think they have found some miracle solution to acne or it's cause and can't wait to tell the world. I've been there. Just give it some time and perhaps think about how other peoples skin might react to it before you do tell everyone. Especially when your proposal has no real substance to back it up with... Oh, and leave a cleanser on the skin? Wo
  2. I was thinking if perhaps alpha hydroxy acid could help. Have you seen anything like this before Dan?
  3. Since the last time I wrote, one of the clogged pores has become active and have turned into a cyst. This is not good at all.. I mean, totally clear skin for two weeks, then this? There must be some way to clear the pores BEFORE they turn into acne.
  4. Dan's BP gel irriterar mindre och är lättare att applicera, definitivt. Basiron funkar dock, den är avsevärt mycket bättre än stioxyl. Se bara till att du tar 5%-versionen.
  5. Yes, it is invisible once it is applied När basiron appliceras tas den helt upp av huden. Sålänge man tar sig tid att applicera väl (men mycket försiktigt) så att den sjunker in syns det iallafall inte på mig när jag har den på.
  6. It was very very hard to take a picture of it, but I succeded to some extent I think. They are a lot more obvious when I look at them with the aid of a mirror. As I said, when the skin isn't stretched, these are hardly if at all visible. They don't really bother me in that way, but I can't help wanting to do something about them before they turn into active acne (and scar). Picture looks kind of strange, I stretch out the chin using my tounge EDIT: I have been using the regimen for about two
  7. While there are no guarantees that it will arrive when shipped to Sweden, it sure did arrive when I ordered. It's up to you if you want to take the chance.. I don't know what the odds are, but I'm sure they're pretty good. EDIT: Otherwise, the best BP available in Sweden is the Basiron AC 5% gel... atleast it was for me. All the others were very irritating to the skin.
  8. No, BP doesn't cause them, it keeps them (most of the time) from becoming active acne. I've tried Differin, didn't work for acne in general, so it's useless for me. Therein lies the problem, the BP works excellently, but I want to get these removed so that they cannot become acne and possibly cause scarring. Therefore I don't want to try Retin A either, what are the guarantees that it'll work better?
  9. I have been using BP for about 2 months now, and while the results are good, there is one thing that is bothering me. Mainly on my chin, there are some clogged pores. Normally they aren't visible, but if I stretch my chin by pulling my lip back, they're easily visible. Normally they wouldn't bother me as they're not really visible under normal conditions. But the problem is that while BP keeps them from becoming zits most of the time, sometimes one or two do come to the surface and creates a z
  10. Well, I know this will sound simple and if you've tried it already just ignore this. Don't shave against the hair, instead shave with it. They always lean in one direction, don't shave against that particular direction but rather alongside with it. You won't get a shave that's as good as if you had shaved the other way around, but there is(atleast for me) a dramatic difference in irritation. I can't do it any other way, or my skin gets super irritated. I am sure it's different for everybody, bu
  11. A common complaint is that BP comes pouring out of your skin when you're in the rain. Is this problem alleviated with a gel-based solution or is it still the same?
  12. About a year ago I started my first round of roaccutane. I had pretty bad breakouts on my back and on my face, which the accutane stopped nicely.. I had about 5 months of pretty much acne-free skin in the end. A few minor breakouts here and there, consisting of maybe one or two small zits was really it. I felt really good you know. I have had acne for about 6 years and I've been really self conscious of it for about 4. I became more out going and it helped me a lot. Then three weeks ago, the
  13. What about saunas? Same deal with them?