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  1. Hi Ben A, what brand of coconut oil and diatemaceous earth do you use? Thanks!
  2. Hi, I love the product made by DHC, it's called Velvet Skin Coat. It is supposed to be a foundation primer, but what I do is squeeze a tiny amount onto the end of a q-tip which I twirl into a point and gently place the stuff into my scars. It works beautifully. The best that I have found!!!!! Take care
  3. Use just Neosporin until the scabs or flakes appear, then after they are gone use a very mild moisturizer. Take care, Ruth
  4. Hi, I would call them instead, Richard is very nice. Take care, Ruth
  5. Hi, I never really got actual scabs, only light colored skin flake things. I did not use any makeup until they fell off. Only use Neosporin until the scabs or flakes appear and then a very mild moisturizer after they fall off. Take care, Ruth
  6. I had microdermabrasion a bunch of times and in my opinion it is USELESS !!! I actually think it made my scarred pores more visible and did nothing for my skin texture. Complete waste of money unfortunately ! Try other procedures more directed to the scars that bother you the most, good luck and take care, Ruth
  7. Hi, I've done I think TCA cross 4 times and am about to do it again, I think my scars have filled in quite a bit, but not totally. I bought my 50% TCA from Loganwoodskincare.com and feel they are very reliable. Good luck and take care, RuPerki
  8. Well, it usually takes me about two hours to finish crossing everything because I have so many scars and they're mostly very small, so I'm extra careful. Once I am finished, I apply the HA serum, which goes on pretty smooth, and then slop on neosporin. I don't think it's necessary to wait a few minutes, but you certainly can. I doubt it makes any serious difference. It's after 3 treatments. You really think it's improved that much? It kind of varies from scar to scar, but the improvement
  9. I believe that needling works on ALL scar types; at least that has been the case for me, and I have had ALL scar types. However, I believe that tca cross works BEST on small pits/scarred pores. And you're onto something with your thinking.....I think that the acid does a better job on the small, hard-edged scars. With needling, you have to REALLY stretch the scar and while I suppose you could jab really hard all through the scar, I believe tca cross does a better job on scarred pores and smal
  10. Yes, actually I have been doing the Isagenix cleanses and Aloe Vera is a main ingredient. Very good at ridding the liver and kidneys of toxins and for digestion, just like ZOmbiE said. Take care, RuPerki :cool:
  11. Hi, I ordered mine from Loganwoodskincare.com, they are very reliable. Take care and make sure you have read EVERYTHING on cross a couple of times before doing it yourself, RuPerki
  12. Hi, I think you should use the Neosporin for 3-4 days and then just a very mild moisturizer, not the super cop 2x for awhile after the cross. Take care and good luck, RuPerki :cool:
  13. Hi, I also have " holes " on my cheek, one of the ways to improve them is to do TCA cross, which I have done a few times, but you need to research this procedure a million times before doing it please. There are other procedures like excision, etc.......but you need to research them also. Good luck, RuPerki :D
  14. Are you doing TCA cross or a TCA peel? BIG DIFFERENCE!!!!! If you haven't already, please read ALL information on this board about which ever you are doing!!!! Take care, RuPerki
  15. Don't be bummed, I have gotten great results with the crosses I have done(no scabs) and I plan on doing more soon! Cheer up and take care, RuPerki