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  1. ...now lets just find a way to fix this little blemish in both our lives!
  2. I have to say I have no idea what breaks me out. I think it's just hormones for me, as I haven't noticed any specific response to products, though some feel better than others, and some seem to help rather than hurt.
  3. I'm looking for a good sunscreen to put under makeup that won't clog pores or do anything nasty and feel nice on skin. Any price range. Can be cheap or super expensive, as long as it's great. I guess if I wear ANY sunscreen, it ruins photography, right? Such a catch 22. I work in an industry where getting photographed is very common and photos tend to be very public. I already have pretty pale skin (which I'm happy with), but don't want to look like a bloody ghost! Still, sunscreen is impor
  4. I'm pale too!! But my lips are pretty pigmented. I had dark hair and eyes, and a pale complexion so I try to play it up rather than playing it down. Love smokey eyes.
  5. I lean towards dry too, so perhaps that's why it's been working well for us. I did not experience breakouts, but am a bit hesitant to recommend because I know that some people do experience breakouts. It has some not-so-great-for-some-people ingredients. But those don't seem to bother my skin. My skin right now, oddly enough, seems to be turning to "normal" rather than dry...or well-hydrated...I do moisturize a lot so...
  6. I liked Smashbox's as it really did do a good job for creating a good base for my makeup, but I'm not sure if it's the best thing for skin.
  7. Just to add to the above post: You have a reddish hair and baby blue eyes - GREAT colors on you already -- I'd just play them up! Don't forget that what nature gave you is the kind of colors you can't buy! (well, technically you could with dye and contact lenses, but it's not the same)
  8. I think on bad skin days, many of us try to call attention to other parts of our face - like our lips. Or eyes. But a more natural look with polished skin is your best bet and is most flattering on you. That said, I love doing nice eye makeup or doing a bold lip color. BUT, have to choose one or the other. And everyone's different. On some people, glam make up looks right. On others, it just doesn't fit, but they look beautiful in softer tones. Personally, I tend to alternate a bit. I do a f
  9. I recently went through an air brushing craving period. I just had to get it out of my system, I guess. It's fun, but not so practical for everyday... Also there is a definite learning curve. Professionals train on this! But a good brand for the actual make up is OCC - so you can try it with the system you have. That said, I cannot recommend SK-II's Air Touch enough. It's futuristic looking, fool proof, you can take it with you in a purse or a trip (and I doubt you'd do that with the actual ma
  10. My favs are: Illuminare Fantastic Finish Foundation & Extra Coverage Foundation/Concealer (mineral, liquid), Shu Uemura's Face Architect, SK-II Air Touch. I used to quite like Dior's Airflash spray, but it oxidizes on me and turns orange...and with the color selection, there isn't a color that's light enough anyways, but it's a great foundation if it works for you. La Prairie has a few good (but $$) choices too.
  11. I purchased Revlon Colorstay recently because I was experimenting with thinning it out for an airbrush machine. But it's surprisingly good for a drug store brand, not bad at all, and gives good coverage. I don't LOVE it though because it doesn't feel as light on my skin - though I think it looks pretty good. But for the price, great shtuff.
  12. So brave of you to post these pictures. I think that the lipstick/gloss is way too loud and give you an overall "made up" look, whereas I think it would look great with a neutral, muted lip.
  13. I recommend applying by stippling. I've tried the MUFE foundation you have and it definitely works with this method. You should use the MAC 187 or 130 brush (the latter is smaller, denser and more precise) - to be honest, once I discovered them, I can't go back. Basically you stipple (little foundation dots, like pixels) and then buff lightly. There are cheaper dupes for the brush, although you know, it's a good important tool... I'm certain that it will cover better for you & looks very
  14. I adore Blinc's mascara. No flaking, smudging.... it's a different technology altogether. Not cheap though, but I LOVE it for a natural everyday look.
  15. I don't wear it anymore and still have a lot left, but I wore it for about a year. It did not cause breakouts for me - in fact, there was probably a decrease -- but some people react to the ingredients differently. When I wore it, I got compliments on my SKIN a lot - and when I told them what was behind it, I think a lot of product got sold! That said, at some point my skin got dryer. And I think mineral makeup contributed. On dry skin, it doesn't really work so well, so I moved on. It cause f