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  1. MONTH 2 WEEK 1 finally done with week 1 of the month 2 course of the isotroin 20mg per day plan and there are few things I want to share after a month of using the drug I have seen some awesome changes in my skin its been a bumpy journey but I keep on convincing my self that after my 3 months course my skin will look really awesome and clean of all the bad acne and be supple and touchable with out those puss filled cysts... so far so good had a clean week but had few pimple attacks in between
  2. finally done my month 1 of my isotroin journey... so far so good and its not been a walk in the park there were few pros and lot of cons... but saying all that the important thing is "this drug works" Pros: No frequent breakouts and no pain full cysts and pimples and very healthy skin which I can touch( I normally dont touch my face often as I might rupture a pimple and cause more acne) now I am touching my face and feeling it... I am eating all those awesome greasy foods without any diet c
  3. this is normal lol... don't worry man. He will say the same thing as im going to say, your possibly going through a breakout phase. Its common. It even states in the accutane booklet. Hang in there bud, i just went through my ib (initial breakout) and i think its finally getting better after a week of shit. ya keiko he said da same they r initial side effects nd will go upon time lets hope 4 da best....
  4. bad..bad...bad... week went a trip to the beach this week and bammm.... pimples I had that bumpy feeling the day I went to beach and had a swim and woke up with pizza face... damm... 6 pimples all over my face on my chin and over my forehead.... I dont knw wat happened its just been under 3 weeks and my face is back 2 square one.... I mean all those pills I took what were they doing they supposed to stop acne but I am back 2 where i started it sucks big time I am gona talk 2 derm nd show him
  5. its good to take lower doses than going to higher doses as lower doses have long term effect than higher doses as higher doses show immediate effect but once you are off the drug, acne will return and then u r screwed as its will a pernicious acne as it will become resistance to any drug after that.. P.S - this is what my derm said as I am on isotroin 20mg per day for 4 months
  6. WEEK 2 the only word 2 describe is acne free, wow its been only 2 weeks and my face is super clean no pimples wat so ever and no cysts or zits nothing..... some good always follows with some bad side effects: back pain I mean really sore back..... went to derm and he gave pain killers and now its kinda gud extremely dry lips and white heads all over the nose stamina is gone I mean i go to gym regularly now a days a little bit cardio and weights are exhausting me seriously cant even compete
  7. thanks guys for the reply and suggestions and yes I have started using lip balm and now my lips are bit better(cant stop chewing my dry skin on my lips) but its kinda helpful but still my lips r drying up like I am walking in a desert... getting 2 end of my week 2... man its week 2 already and the change is awesome no breakouts.. getting da "looks" from the girls... I went to an hospital today 2 get my mom's regular diabetics check up and the nurse there was literally staring at me... I went th
  8. I thought to post every other week but had 2 share something... last night I slept taking my daily dose and today I woke up with a layer of my lower lip skin almost dry and peeling off it was something like a layer sitting on my lip ready 2 get peeled, I am confused my lips were excellent yesterday now they r peeling off.... is it normal please advice
  9. my also clearing up no break outs at all.... I personally think isotroin is best acne drug ever I mean others take accutane or some other medicines which are similar to isotroin but so far isotroin is the best medicine and taking 20mg is better than 40,60, or even 80 higher doses are really bad for your body and i think can cause long term medical effects.....
  10. Hi every body my name is Anthony I am a former member and recently started my Isotroin 20mg course for 3 months, my derm prescribed after many months of asking and pleading he finally put me on the isotroin 20mg per day, coming 2 my self I have mild acne for about 5 years the pimples mainly comes on my forehead and cheeks and leave a trail of dark spots all over my face and lot of dead skin peelings, I hate acne pigmentation but the good part is I am slightly dark (U can say tanned) so I peopl
  11. I disagree with previous reply, people sleep to relax there body and unwind themselves, but we need to sleep according to the biological clock of our body which is described as called circadian rhythm. Which is very essential as it controls the well being of human body for example people who sleep in the day and wake up in the night have massive psychological issues like depression, irascible, and prone to decreased IQ, so try to sleep early and wake up early..... when you wake up early and you
  12. Hi my friend thanks anyway for replying research is being conducted as we speak and you have to wait for the FDA and USDA approval to reveal the publication, but so far the results are extremely encouraging and what you said is absolutely true that sweat comes out to regulate the body heat but saying that do you know why sweat comes out when your body is hot what stimulates the sweat formation and activate sebaceous glands or even the reason melanin is formed when exposed to sun or near any acne
  13. Hi Xena coconut water is effective when u take it in regular basis just like how you drink water in regular interval and also remember its not a medicine so to show effect it takes time and please don't use topically its no use as your internal organs needs it not your face as it effect is more internal and long lasting I am not sure where you can buy it hmmm.. try some indian stores I guess they sell it
  14. thankyou for this I was thinking of going into food science (have a 2:1 in biology and thinking of what to do with it) Ill have a little read into this Hi there yaa food science is a great field and interesting one too... If u r really keen then go for it...