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  1. Hi Guys, I recently found out that the PanOxyl range is being stopped (stupdily IMO). Anwyay, what is a good replacement im looking for something close to 2.5% and a gel also im from the UK if that matters. Thanks in advance. J.
  2. Hello Guys, Been using the regiment for a while and its working thank god! But this will be the first summer using the regiment and i wanted to know if I should be changing to a new moister with a SPF? At the moment im using Burts bee which doesn't have a SPF. if so can anyone recommend some?
  3. J91


    hi been using regiment for about 3 weeks now, the first 2 was fine but this 3rd week after i put moisturizer its starts to burns and tiggles . then my face goes red can anyway tell me what that's about? Thanks.
  4. Hi, i have been on the regiment for about 4/5 days now, first couple of days no problem but yesterday my skin started peeling at my chin just loads of dry skin. i use moisturizer after BP so what do i need to do to get rid of it ? thanks in advance
  5. Hey all, Just wondering im about to start the regimen. it says to use do that routine twice a day. does that apply to people just starting out or is it because he has been using it for a while? reason im asking is because on my panoxyl it says " this gel should be carefully applied once daily" Thank in advance