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  1. Omigod, I'm terrible at this. Well, it's now DAY THIRTY-ONE. I've just finished my first month of accutane. *phew* Well, I must confess that this whole treatment has been rather anti-climactic. I mean, not that I'm complaining about the general lack of breakout, it just isn't at all how I expected. So, here are my symptoms so far: • okay, I do have a few pimples. But nothing out of the ordinary for a few months ago. As of now, I have umm... one cyst on the back of my neck, but it doesn't see
  2. Hey guys! Sorry I've been neglecting this already. I just got back from a week-long vacation. Today marks DAY TWELVE on accutane. I've been taking 20mg claravis twice a day (40mg a day). About five days into the treatment, I started peeling. REAL BAD. And I seriously felt like shit. Not only did the sight of all that skin just like, falling off make me feel disgusting, it stung so bad. Especially after washing my face. Even rubbing lotion on it would make it sting again. It sort of ruined my
  3. Wow, I wasn't expecting this much support so quickly! Thanks you guys! @kyle 1: thank you so much! I really hope I'll be clear by then. @goodz19: haha, I actually stole the title from this makeup-removing face wash I have. I always thought it was cute. @HereComesTheSun:): thanks a bunch! @skylyre: Oh boy, prom. You can listen to people for hours telling you not to worry about your skin and just relax at prom. But it's way easier said than done. And of course, to be on accutane I'm usin
  4. Hi guys! I'm Elizabeth. I'm 17, just graduated from high school and am presently rather nervous about college. But more to the point, I'm about a week away from starting accutane. The Story So Far: I have been struggling with acne for what seems like a very long time. I can't remember when exactly it began. I must have been around ten when I started picking the occasional clogged pore. My first real memory of being uncomfortable with my skin was seventh grade, when I was afraid that someone