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  1. Hi HandyAndy, I just wanted to say that at night I hope that you're using a different moisturizer than the SPF moisturizer that you're using during the day because you don't need SPF at night and sunscreens have chemicals, so you wouldn't want to sleep with it and also wear it all day.
  2. My mom sent me 2 tubes of Epiduo in the mail and last night was the first time I used it. My friend had looked it up briefly on line and read that it would make the acne worse before it got better and I can't believe that after 1 use my chest is scary looking! Honestly, it grosses me out to look at it. Acne is coming out from under my skin all over my entire chest. I found this sight just now and thought tht it was really cool and might help me track my progress. I am looking forward to learning
  3. I am reading Paula Begoun's (Also known as TheCosmetic Cop) book Don't Go To The Cosmetic Cunter Without Me (if you haven't read it, it's a must!) and she makes a very good point that benzoyl peroxide or any special ingredient in a soap is pointless because it gets rinsed off and can not do it's job. All you need in a soap is a mild cleanser that will get rid of dirt and unwanted oil but also will not strip your natural oils. I fyou want the effects of the BP then, use it after you wash. Is nigh